Michael Bay director of Transformers: Paramount pisses me off!

"Micahel Bay (director of summer smash hit Transformers) has publicly announced on his website that he is annoyed with the new Paramount HD-DVD exclusivity deal, as it means not everyone can enjoy his movie."

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Like a shadow I am4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

... and if only other directors and producers at Disney, Fox and MGM would care as much about having "as many people as possible to enjoy their movies."

Maybe it's Disney, Fox and MGM that should also give up supporting one format over the other along with Paramount and Universal.

My prediction: in the end, it'll have to be the GOVERNMENT that steps in and slaps all those studios and tells them to stop doing whatever they're doing.

Bathyj4076d ago

Thats not the answer, No one wants 2 formats. It should be one and thats it.

Isnt there a actors/directors union or something. They need to get more vocal about this and put an end to it. Maybe it should just come down to majority rules as long as that reflect what the consumers are buying.

Ok now obviously I'm saying that because my side is in front and pretty much has been since it came out, but maybe we need a cut off point like Christmas 2008 where all parties involved agree to drop the weaker (supported) format.

HDDVD and BR are never going to get close to rivalling DVD until one of them dies.

WilliamRLBaker4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Ill say this..bathy is wrong...and thats all i need to say.
oh and blu ray wasn't in the lead since release thank you very much, it started out slow and eventually came to the lead.

P.S: its lead is only because of ps3.

P.P.S: oh and it doesn't matter if one of them dies, blu ray has about 4-5 years before it becomes as big as dvd, specially with HD Being the sole exclusive reason to have hd dvd or blu ray, and with hd tv still account for only about 20-25% of the tvs in users homes.

Like a shadow I am4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

May I remind you that HD-DVD came out first before Blu-ray. Then Sony came out with Blu-ray much later in the game. Sony knew it had to play catch up, so it came up with a "brilliant" (and, in essence, very anti-competitive) plan to overtake HD-DVD: by making "alliance" with other studios (Disney, Fox, MGM), by limiting consumer choices to Blu-ray, so consumers will have no choice but to buy Blu-ray if they want certain movies.

So. This whole format war is Sony's fault in the first place. In Paramount's case, it's more like tit for tat; a retaliatory response from the HD-DVD camp.

If I had a choice, I would pick HD-DVD because the player was cheaper. But do I have a choice? NO. Sony limited my choice by ganging up with Disney, Fox, MGM and few other studios to NOT release anything in HD-DVD, so if I wanted certain movies, I would have to get Blu-ray whether I really liked it or not. That's anti-competitive.

As it stands now, I would just wait until HD-DVD wins or until I absolutely have to buy Blu-ray (i.e., HD-DVD completely loses.) I'd just stick with HD-DVD. But if I know that ALL studios are absolutely committed to release both formats, then I'll go for my preferred HD format: HD-DVD.

Primetimebt4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Sony didn't force feed anyone nothing. Sony has always been the first to put new technology in there consoles why is Blu Ray any different? If I'm assuming you own a PS3 which you probably don't than you would have asked yourself why I'm spending $600/$500, and if you didn't want to spend that on a game player, blu ray player than you wouldn't have gotten one it's just simple logic.

As for the HD DVD came at first statement just explains why this war is over. If something came out first shouldn't it be protecting it's lead instead of playing catch up while the simple facts remain 30K PS3/ Blu Ray players are getting sold aweek.

DrPirate4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

1.3, that's the most retarded thing I've ever heard in my entire life.

Sony isn't Blu-Ray.

The Blu-Ray Disk Association consisting of a bunch of tech industry companies AND movie studios developed the Blu-Ray format together. Quit making this out to be a Sony conspiracy. OH NOES! SONY CONVINCED EVERYONE TO DROP HD-DVD OH NOES THEY'RE PLAYING UNFAIR! It's all untrue and it's all crap.

goddamn unnecessary and useless Sony bashing. Go tell your stories on a fanfic forum.

...And keep this in mind, as long as Sony, Disney and I forget the other movie studio who financially backed Blu-Ray (That's right sucker, it wasn't only Sony), they will never release movies on the HD-DVD format thus making their win an impossibility.

Edit: To Calpheonix. If you buy Blu-Ray, you aren't supporting Sony. You're supporting the Blu-Ray Association. Sony is a supporter of Blu-Ray, they didn't invent, develop and place royalties on the product, they just gave money... If you need to "Stay away" from Sony, don't get a Sony Blu-Ray player...What's the big deal...

Like a shadow I am4076d ago

I could be involved in a class action lawsuit against Sony. A Sony BMG CD installed a spyware on my computer - which could be Windows or Mac - and destroyed all my data. So I decided I would never buy anything from Sony again.

I could be involved in a class action lawsuit against Sony. A fake reviewer made up by Sony, named "David Manning", kept giving five-star reviews to Sony movies. In the end, it got exposed, and I was included in the class action lawsuit. So I decided I would never buy anything from the dishonest Sony again.

There's a few more potential lawsuits I could be involved in, all which could make me want to stay away from Sony products.

As a customer, I should have the choice to NOT want to buy anything from Sony ever again, as much as possible. But apparently other studios (Disney, Fox, MGM) are limiting my choice and not giving me the consumer choice to stay away from Sony.

ktchong4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

by being associated with Sony.

Sony has collected a lot of bad karma over the past decade with the spyware music CDs, "David Manning", exploding batteries, EverCrack's poor services, and too many arrogant comments towards customers, and now seems like too many people just want to see Sony fail and punished for its past sins.

KeMoBLUE4076d ago

how the hell is sony forcing you to buy blu-ray and if anything it's business. fox,disney and MGM already know what format is better and consumers also know which is why they choose blu-ray. they didn't need to be bribed with 150 million dollar contracts to sell movies on blu-ray unlike the HD DVD group did with paramount. don't blame sonyfor HD DVD's failure blame the consumers who chose it, the studios just followed suit. because the way i see it sony is just giving me more movies that i cant find on HD DVD

the_round_peg4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

HD-DVD is region free.

I can decide to move to Europe or Asia or retire to New Zealand or Iceland, and keep my entire HD-DVD collection because they will all work overseas. I can go on a trip on Asia, Europe, or Australia and buy some obscure foreign-language HD-DVDs that are not available in the US. Those HD-DVDs will play just fine in the USA. My friends in Singapore, Netherlands or Australia can mail me a HD-DVD. It will play on my American HD-DVD player without a hitch.

I have a HD-DVD player, and it can play every HD-DVD from every single corner of the world.

You can't that with Blu-ray. Blu-ray that has 3 different regions. Do you have a PS3 or Blu-ray player? Guess what - if you buy it in the USA, it won't play European or Asian Blu-ray discs, or vice versa.

There will be some weird, highly collectible foreign language films - even if they're on Blu-ray - that will be able to play on your American PS3 or Blu-ray player because they are coded for the foreign region but not the US region. If you decide to retire to New Zealand someday, you'll be screwed because your entire Blu-ray collection are not going to play in New Zealand. If my sister and her husband mail me a Blu-ray recording of their newborn baby from Sweden, it won't bloodly play on my Blu-ray player because it's the wrong region.

That's the reality of Blu-ray: three regions that don't work with each other, even if you disagree with me.

Mu5afir4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

You picked the Ps3, and Blu-Ray was an added bonus. Just so everyone knows, the PS3 does use Blu-Ray disk for GAMES. Yes, even if you don't like the fact that it's a Blu-Ray player, it still has a very important function as a game device.

@ ktchong

One reason why Fox / Disney etc.. will never support HD-DVD is because it's region free.

ktchong4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

then Disney/Fox will not be able to deny region free to consumers, won't it?

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nix4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

...they want everyone to enjoy their creation. i won't be surprised if it is true.

EDIT: i think he is pissed because everyone has been saying Blu-ray will be the winner and has been selling more.

ENNO4076d ago

They will be back....everyone comes back to blu-ray ;)

Ri0tSquad4075d ago

with HD dvd hes only going to make less money!

Robert223884076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

This guy is officially my new hero. Stick it to the man Bay!

I guarantee this is only the beginning of the backlash by people and the industry as a whole.

EDIT: To the guy below, that is old news. Not to mention the laws are very different in Europe. Here in the US that it is perfectly legal to buy exclusivity. It may be unfair and shady, but it's still legal.


Like a shadow I am4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

and there's a good chance that by the end of the investigation, EU will issue an order to the studios to stop supporting one format over another, and that all studios have to release both Blu-ray and HD-DVD of a title within a specific time period.

... because Sony or Toshiba and a bunch of corporations got together and formed some sort of oligopoly, and they decided what formats the consumers (WE) will buy by completely cutting off one format *is* very anti-competitive. Sony and Toshiba and all those corporations are trying to force consumers to adopt a particular format by limiting consumer choices.

And after EU, the US will also have a similar investigation.

HOWEVER, Sony will end up being the biggest loser if that happens.

KeMoBLUE4076d ago

just because blu-ray knows how to draw studios and consumers all of a sudden they're in the wrong. it's like saying game developers can't make exclusive deals with sony,nintendo or microsoft. its all bs

OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW4076d ago

You have GOT to be kidding! "Stick it to the man"??? Now, tell me you don't think that the blu-ray interest groups (various Hollywood studios, electronics companies *cough* *cough* *SONY*, etc.) are a bunch of rag-tag freedom fighters unified against "the man." Like Toshiba's headquarters is on top of a dark mountain with lightning all around it.


Bloodmask4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Everyone can enjoy Transformers. Just go buy it on DVD.

Bathyj4076d ago

Gee, thats not Trolling behavour at all. Guess I had you all wrong. /end FKN sarcasm.

vidoardes4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

So many thigns wrong with your post I don't know where to start:

a)It's Paramaount not Universal

b) As is said below, the format war is a major point in this generation of console gaming, so the news about it is relevant

c)This isn't some consumer, or some p*ssed of fanboy, this is the director of the film. As in the guy who directed Bad Boys II, Pearl Harbour, Armageddon and Transformers (to name but a few). I think his opinion might matter when it comes to movies, don't you?

EDIT: I tear your post to shreads, so you just delete it? Nice move, mayby no one will notice...