Halo 3 'also complete' states Bungie

Exclusively in development for the Xbox 360, the game's code is apparently in the hands of testers at both Bungie and Microsoft Game Studios, who are playing the game from beginning to end to iron out any bugs.

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QuackPot4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

I need to finish the story and have some serious fun along the way..

This is one of the games that would tempt me to buy my xbox 360 earlier than expected.

Must have patience and wait for the 65nm SKU and cheaper price.

But damn it's hard.

360RULEZ4077d ago

As usual, Microsoft promises and delivers.

Halo 3, Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect, etc.

Those are true AAA titles, not 6/10 "AAA" 's .. *cough*Lair*cough*Warhawk*coug h*

Bloodmask4077d ago

is going to live up to the hype. If I have learned one thing about Bungie they listen to their fans. They even went all out with the H3 beta this time around.

The multiplayer aspects of Halo are the most fun I have had in an online game for a long time.

For anyone who is a Halo or Metroid fan this video is old but pretty cool.

SuperSaiyan44077d ago

Must play HALO 1 then HALO 2 THEN HALO 3 :-P

Even if you have done the first 2 lol - trust me the ending of HALO 2 will be a lot better once you know you have HALO 3 to continue to FINISH THE FIGHT ;-)

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