First screenshots from VIKING: Battle for Asgard

Five first screenshots from the newly announced action-fighting game by Creative Assembly/Sega based on Nordic mythology.

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360RULEZ4078d ago

all multiplatform games run better on the Xbox360, and this will be no exception.

can't wait to play this game smoothly on my Xbox360, while sony droids enjoy their 6 frames per second AHAHAHAHAH !

360RULEZ4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

double post

360RULEZ4078d ago

what kind of desperate sony droid would disagree with "double post" ?

Lakuspakus4078d ago

Please ignore fanboy'ish posts like his.

Hope they dont overdo the Viking part of the game. Like, Vikings did not have horns on their helmets, thats just Bullshit!

green_ghost54078d ago

The visual's are looking nice, but I will remain reserved until more information comes about.


Barbaric games coming out, lets see if this can hack it.

It reminds me of Mark of Kri though, A game wich I loved, kinda easy, and a littl buggy, but a great game for ps2