rFactor 2 – Rain Screenshots

Here are 2 more teaser shots from rFactor 2. With the ISI developers taking their time on this one, they are giving it to the fans piece by piece. These shots show off the rain mode from the interior of a Nissan GT-R GT1, which are however still a work in progress.

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The Real Driving Simulator on PC.

hennessey865021d ago

that with the power pc has, they cant get the graphics no where near gt5 and forza 3 for that matter

poindat5021d ago

Because all of that processing power is being used on the physics engine, and less money and time is spent on the graphics because it just doesn't matter. Games like rFactor, iRacing, GTR2, etc. are all on the verge of equaling real-life physics-wise, so naturally on these super-hardcore PC racing sims, graphics are the LAST thing that matters, so I find it odd that you bring up that point.

Just being objective here.

ChronoJoe5021d ago

The objective is immersion.

The more realistic the graphics are, the more immersed the player will be, every visual hickup is something that'll pull the player out of the experience a little more.

Graphics are incredibly important, especially within simulation. Better than physics? depends what the user is after, but both add up to the 'simulation' aspect, so which a user would prioritise (graphics or physics) is largely personal preference.

GT5 and Forza both have great physics engines though. Inside Sim Racing (a reviewer primary based the PC side of sim racing, mostly rfactor), gave Forza a tremendous score for physics, and overall for that matter.

So it's not like physics are necessaries sacrificed for these visuals. I was also incredibly impressed by both the GT Acadamy demo, and what PD have been showcasing around the US. Great physics, especially the dynamic weight shifting and whatnot, although the car doesn't roll as expected... (it doesn't on any of the PC sims either though...)

poindat5021d ago

It is true that immersion plays a large role in the experience, but that's just a trade-off that has to be made, or as you said, prioritized. Immersion in PC sims comes from the physics itself, feeling the weight of the car going into the corner, each minute characteristic of the car's handling, etc. which is why I said that graphics aren't really important in a PC sim. The immersion is there, I think, just in a completely different way that *visual* immersion.

hennessey865020d ago

but surely pc has enough power to do both physics and graphics. Having played both forza 3 and gt5 i can say they both have great physics and graphics although gt has taken graphics to a new level in my opinion. I can understand your point though(poindat) But with games like gt5 on consoles proving that both can be done im a little skeptikal that the r fator devs are really pushing the hardware

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EvilBlackCat5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

ONE of the Real Driving Simulators that any Racing Sim Fan can play.


for consoles FoRzA 3

@numb47 i mean number47 at comment 3.1
"No sim has the features of GT/the cars of gt/the track detail/ or graphics that GT has. Even with Mod's PC driving sims fall way behind Gran Turismo."

Because GT series is a sim right?

OMG!!! FUNNY HOW THIS ignorants GT fans try to compare GT games to PC Simulators.

Even Forza 3 beat the whole Gt series in sim.

Go and take your GT5 graphics pics and videos with some aloe vera to the bathroom because that is the only great thing GT series have graphics.

LOL! x100

What is next?

Ace Combat and HAWX better than Lock on and Falcon 4.0 Allied Forces?

hmouzy5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

GT academy says HI...
if gt5 ll b like gt5 time trial than bye bye my L4S, gt2 n rfactor

Redrum0595021d ago

this guy is just mad because he is tired of his forza bumpercar physics.

ShinMaster5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

You're really trying to pass Forza as a true simulator?
Then you go and say that GT5 isn't a sim? On what basis?

Ok, so GT is clearly the game with the most realistic graphics and has a great amount of features... surely there must be something bad... I know! The physics must not be good(even though you haven't played it). Lol common myth.

But maybe you're right. Maybe that's why car companies demo their cars to the public using Forza as a sim.... oh no, wait, that was Gran Turismo they were using.

boodybandit5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

What type of setup are you turning laps in on Forza and PC gaming?
How far along are you in the game?

As of today I am 89% done the event listings.
Wanna take it online and show me your skills?
My N4G name is my XBL/PSN/Wii GT.

Send me an invite and let's get it on.
I wont hold my breath while waiting because something tells me you don't even play the game and if you do you probably use a controller and have all the assist enabled. <- You know, arcade mode.

On topic:
rFactor is super hardcore sim.
It's so frustrating when you first start playing the game. No it definitely doesn't have the wow factor in graphics but as far as a sim racer goes it and iRacing are the cream of the crop in PC sim racing. It's realism is unparalleled and not for the feint of heart.

I am currently piecing together a rig for it but I will be spending most of my time playing GT5. I am the first to admit I am a graphics whore and most of my friends own consoles but not PC gaming rigs.

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MNicholas5021d ago

because their customers suffer from a kind of reverse snobbery in regards to graphics. The ugly graphics are, for PC Sim owners, a symbol of substance over style, function over form, etc... It's actually rather stupid given that, in modern PCs, improving the graphics will not detract from physics.

Luckily, for console owners, our developers aren't hamstrung by such mental hangups. As a result console racers are just as realistic, perhaps even more so, in terms of driving dynamics but also look far better.

Speed-Racer5021d ago

I am disappointed with the effect as well but the game itself will hopefully be one of the best PC simulations for the future

Letros5021d ago

From ISI twitter, "We've been working a little bit on water effects. Lots of work to do but we thought you might like to see a couple of WIP shots."

I'm really excited for this game, rFactor 1 remains as a great product, rFactor 2 seems to be an evolution of the first(physics are already damn near perfect)

Speed-Racer5021d ago

^&^ Let's hope it's better than what they showed us. F1 2010 is indeed a good model

ryuzu5021d ago

rFactor had pretty bad physics actually. With mods, it got better, but still not up to LFS, iRacing or netKar standards.

Of course, rFactor had a lot more cool cars and tracks to play with than those sims so you trade off the features.

But physics is not the best part of rFactor...


RonyDean5021d ago

After seeing GT5 all other racing games look like crap. Lets hope this one plays good!

number475021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

No sim has the features of GT/the cars of gt/the track detail/ or graphics that GT has. Even with Mod's PC driving sims fall way behind Gran Turismo.


RuffRyder5021d ago

GT falls way behind when it comes to realism when compared to PC sims! and when your taking about SIMULATORS, what would you rather have..realism or nice graphics??

poindat5021d ago

I believe that RuffRyder was talking about the physics, and if that is the case than that picture you showed proves nothing. It's a proven, objective fact that PC sims such as rFactor blow games such as GT and Forza out of the water. It's not even a competition. And as I said, that's not an opinion, that's a fact.

But then again, GT5 does have all the amazing features, little details, cars, and a decent (or excellent if we restrict our view to the consoles and ignore the PC) physics engine.

So no you can't have both and you probably never will be able to have both but there's plenty of room for both games such as rFactor and games such as GT5. Your choices are to have a physics engine that rivals real-life but with none of the bells and whistles, or you can have a fully-fledged intricate package with less realistic (still decent though) physics. Both have positives and negatives... so anybody who actually is interested in cars and racing should just buy both! :p

number475021d ago

What does Rfactor do?

Simulation is good to a certain point, people always say PC sims are wayyy hard. & thats all I see when people demo GT5, they can't even take turns properly.

GT teaches you good driving lesson/skill to take it to a professional level. And has a track record for doing so. Its creator is also a professional driver.

All in all, I'll take GT5 over Rfactor any day of the week due to the car porn and sheer stunning visuals of the title. Appreciating cars is another part of the hobby, GT delivers detail that nothing else can.

Which is why you don't dare debate it.

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RuffRyder5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

Dont get me wrong GT5 looks great and i will be getting it day1 for sure, but im just saying PC sims like GTR, LFS, Rfactor etc are way ahead of GT5 when it comes to realism such as the physics and handling of the cars, any true sim racing fans who knows anything about cars will agree. GT5 has amazing graphics, it just falls short in other areas when compared to the other sims i mentioned.

ShinMaster5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

The thing I don't understand is, why are people already coming to conclusions that GT5's physics aren't good enough when they haven't even gotten the chance to play the game for themselves?

Are we using previous GT games as reference to automatically judge how GT5's physics will be?

I know that the physics have changed drastically since Prologue. And it still went through more improvements and advancements after the Time-Trial demo that came later.

Maybe the physics won't be exactly on par with the top PC sims, but GT5's physics will definitely still be realistic and quite accurate, IMO.

poindat5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

"Maybe the physics won't be exactly on par with the top PC sims"

You can't argue with him, because you agree with him :p

But yeah, it's a fact that a sim limited to consoles will never ever ever ever reach the level of the physics used in PC sims, but for what PD was given (a console), they've done a damn fine job with it. Nothing to complain about with GT5, certainly.

GamerSciz5021d ago

You are right that PC sims have been the most realistic in terms of actual driving physics for years. However, I have a feeling GT5 is going to at the least question who really is the best sim, PC or Console (GT5). I haven't personally tried out GT5 and I am guessing neither have you so let's not be too quick to judge.

RuffRyder5021d ago

I cant imagine it being that different from the demo which i have tried, but we'll have to wait and see. Either way its gona consume a lot of my time when its finally released.