FarmVille facts that will blow your mind

You may not realize this, but FarmVille is more popular than World of Warcraft, Halo, and God of War combined. There are more than 60 million Farmville players each month. Which begs the question: Just who are these 60 million gamers? Thanks to this handy dandy chart, we now know. And what makes this fun is that he compares a FarmVille farmer to a real life one.

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UnwanteDreamz3134d ago

So where are all those people who claim a games popularity is proof of its superiority? This game must be the second coming if those idiots are to be believed.

ObsidianSpire3134d ago

Popularity doesn't equal superiority, but it does equal profit. :(

domo3253134d ago

Don't play and don't plan on booting up Farmville on my Facebook account, but hot damn, those stats are surprising as hell.

mokmoof3134d ago

Consider my mind blown.

chickenbutt3134d ago

70 Million Hours a week...
I don't see how it's fun or entertaining at all.

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