Treyarch: Sleight of Hand Pro won't work on sniper rifles

SystemLink: "Quickscoping, one of the blights of Modern Warfare 2 that angered so many gamers, seems to have been eliminated in the new upcoming Call of Duty, Black Ops."

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MGRogue20173133d ago

'Gotta be more careful about where you tread now, snipers.. Better keep low, I'd say. :P

StanLee3133d ago

This is stupid and makes no sense. Why have a perk that only works with "SOME" weapons and not others? Snipers are already at a huge disadvantage against assault rifles and SMGs and look at the weapon balance in Black Ops; there are 10 assault rifles, 9 SMGs and 4 sniper rifles, there is no stopping power and it takes forever to scope in. Just take fucking snipers out of the game then since you already put snipers at a huge fucking disadvantage!!!

FENDR3133d ago

dude are you serious snipers are not at a disadvantage you dont even have to fully scope in and you can get a headshot on a guys half way across the map

xX TriiCKy Xx3133d ago

Actually, snipers shouldn't really have to deal with AR's, SMG's or any of that. Do you know why? Because they're supposed to be hidden. AWAY from the action. Snipers are there to pick off a camping soldier or scout further ahead for his team. Not up there trying to shoot his M40A3 at close range like its a shotty.

StanLatMarveldotCom3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

The community can't have it both ways; because if I sit on Wasteland with my termal scoped WA2000 with coldblooded pro, scavenger pro, claymores and smoke; build my killstreaks and go 30 and 3, I get called a camper in the lobby the next game. How often do quickscopers go positive, they do it for fun and are at a huge disadvantage doing so.

mrcash3133d ago

its not a disadvantage unless you go around spraying the damn rifle.

IMO it doesn't make sense, for soh not to work but the sniper isn't at a disadvatage.

FishCake9T43133d ago

Because im fcuking fed up of XXGayScopesXX trying to quick scope some one when its 1 on 1 in the overtime round of SnD.

DarkTower8053133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

StanLee has a point. Starting with MW2, COD has gimped snipers. The small maps, lack of claymores and lack of sniping spots with minimal entry points sucks in MW2 for snipers. Now in Black Ops they take away stopping power, well they had better make the sniper rifles 1-shot kills then.

COD4 and WaW were far better games for snipers.

Sillyace923133d ago

Dude them taking out Slieght of Hand Pro's ability on the Sniper is the best thing that they could ever do to make people happy.

Quickscoping is the worst gamebreaker in MW2. And now that Treyarch is addressing this makes it so much better.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

BWAHAHAHA but-but-but what's Optic going to do now?

There's working hard over there at Trey. Good job. :thumbsup:

JeffGUNZ3132d ago

Hahahhaaha man, that was the funniest shit I have ever read on here. Amen brother.

StanLatMarveldotCom3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

How is quickscoping gamebreaking? Those who do it already put themselves at a disadvantage and I'm not advocating quick scoping. The sight time for Sniper rifles is too slow, sleight of hand pro is a huge advantage when I see someone in the distance to get my scope up and get my shot on target before he kills me with his assault rifle from across the map with no fucking recoil. What's gamebreaking is scavenger replenishing grenades and equipment. Balance it so it only replenishes ammo if you want to fix a fucking game breaker. The last few games they've done nothing but fuck with the COD formula to make the game more accessible to whiny losers.

Sillyace923132d ago

of course it's gamebreaking, don't even try to say that it's not. A sniper rifle should never ever beat any gun in close in range combat and yet in MW2 it does because of the Aim assist that when someone scopes in, it goes automatically to that person and they're dead.

It's like have a shotgun sniper, it's stupid.

And obviously that's not the only gamebreaker, but you can just assume that's the only problem I have with the game, I don't care.

You must have started FPS's on call of duty, right?

you keep telling yourself that there isn't anything wrong with quickscoping.

socomnick3132d ago

Snipers are perfectly good in mw2.

It's better to have sniper rifles be on the weak side than to have overpowered unbalanced sniper rifles like in Bad company 2.

IHateYouFanboys3132d ago

@DarkTower805: " Starting with MW2, COD has gimped snipers. The small maps, lack of claymores and lack of sniping spots with minimal entry points sucks in MW2 for snipers."

huh? "lack of claymores"? i dunno what game youre playing, but theres no lack of claymores in MW2 lol. theyve been in MW2 since day 1, havent been taken out lol.

Quick Sniping is a glitch - thats all there is to it. im 100% glad its been taken out, because not only is it annoying to get headshotted from across the map when the person who shot you didnt even look down their scop, but its annoying to be spraying someone with an uzi close range only for them to one-shot glitch shot you with a sniper rifle.

MW2 is fine for real snipers - there are plenty of places to hide, and plenty of places where you can plant claymores to block the entrances to where you are. but glitching using the quick-scope is NOT fine.

MRMagoo1233132d ago

LOL im glad this is being done i hated watching to nobjockeys jumping around the map trying to quickscope each other for about 5 minutes in a s&d match when there the only ones left, its a stupid bug and makes sniping take zero skill to do now if ur gonna snipe you have to actually aim at the person , i know this will be tough on the so called leet snipers because they will need to actually use skill but who cares.

frostypants3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Boohoo StanLee. Now you'll have to get your kills without exploiting a game flaw.

Snipers who take advantage of this are worse than noob-tubers.

As for your comment "Just take fucking snipers out of the game"...know what? Fine. Snipers throw off the balance of CoD. Frankly they have no place in it in my opinion. Since spawn points rotate there's no real way to use them properly anyway. Go play Battlefield instead. They're useful in that.

csreynolds3132d ago

Now you'll have to snipe they way it's SUPPOSED to be done. Boo hoo.

Well done Treyarch. Liking you more and more...

DarkTower8053132d ago

I said "lack of", not absence of. COD4 = 2 claymores, WaW = 2 bouncin betties (or 3), MW2 = 1 claymore. See the difference?

KillerBBs3132d ago

That's why they are removing the quick scope... it wouldn't be called a quick scope if it was slow.
Makes sense to me, how many snipers shows have you seen with snipers running around quick scoping. Snipers should hide in the weeds not run around like total idiots with a glitchy auto aim.
Get rid of akimbo too... or make it so you cant stab and climb with two shot guns in your hand. Stabbing lame too. You cut the buttons off my shirt while i pump 5 rounds from my AK to your face. NICE!

IHateYouFanboys3131d ago

@DarkTower805: "I said "lack of", not absence of. COD4 = 2 claymores, WaW = 2 bouncin betties (or 3), MW2 = 1 claymore. See the difference?"

guess youve never used One Man Army then? cause you can have 2 claymores out at a time if you put one down, change class, then put another one down.

so no, i dont see the difference. you could have 2 claymores in MW, and you can have 2 claymores in MW2. 2 = 2. no difference mate.

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ChronoJoe3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Sleight of hand pro should be removed, entirely.

It makes every weapon feel like crap, when you're not using it, because they slowed down the time to ADS, just so they could add the perk which speeds it up.

Snipers aren't balanced in the first place, sorry. Yeah you might get annoyed by a guy that kills you, every now and then - but even with the sleight of hand pro of MW2 a Sniper isn't better than an AR.

Balance wise, this is definitely the wrong decision. Hell even in COD4 it would be EXTREMLY rare that a sniper would ever do as well as a AR or SMG user, that got worse in MW2... and looks to get worse again in Black Ops.

Of course the main problem is the maps simply aren't fit for ranged gameplay... COD is a CQC game, for the most part. There are very few maps in MW2 that offer sniping potential, and none where a sniper is more viable than an SMG or AR.

frostypants3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

"but even with the sleight of hand pro of MW2 a Sniper isn't better than an AR. "

I strongly disagree. You can one-shot people shotgun-style with the sniper rifle (and to make matters worse, do so from any distance). Not so with an AR.

theEx1Le3132d ago

Very happy with this, "quickscoping" is one of the most annoying things about MW2

xAlmostPro3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

actually this is GREAT, quickscoping was far to easy in mw2.. it was much harder in WaW & cod4.. you can still do it in this too but like it says its gonna be harder which is good news for us who had to learn the hard way in previous games xD i can quickscope with marathon etc in mw2 anyway :)

although they could still allow fast reloads :/.. im planning to use ghost/hardened/ninja on my sniper in blackops anyway xD

moneygun23132d ago

that has to pick and choose his targets, by using both tactics and real weapon mastery. This is outrageous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We can not let this stand I call for the petittion of: Bring back my talentless steady aim Commando filled game.

Go here for details:

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Forbidden_Darkness3133d ago

Quick Scoping is fun with a bunch of friends in a private match (talking atleast 8 people), but in a real game it pisses me off when they easily have them for the kill but decide to act like their all that on their last kill, spinning a 360 and missing, only to be killed because of their stupidity.

-Alpha3133d ago

I 100% agree and am surprised to see people hating on this.

They are doing a good thing in terms of balance and actually listening to the community. Give Treyarch the benefit of the doubt, BO is really sounding like a good game

ChronoJoe3132d ago

Explain to me how it benefits balance.

Quick scoping might be annoying for those killed, but it's not unbalanced - for sure.

MRMagoo1233132d ago

not unbalanced lol its a bug that lets you autoaim at an enemy and one shot them from any range how is that balanced, i get the feeling you are afraid you may need some skill to snipe now hmmmm? this is one of the best things they could do to the game imo.

ChronoJoe3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )


What are you talking about? the no-scoping 'bug' could be seen as one, but not the quick scoping.

Plus, I don't touch snipers. Not very good with them. I liked them in COD4, and wouldn't mind it if they were returning it to that state, but no - looks like ARs specifically will still be overpowered for the mid-long ranges. When they should only be most viable in the mid.

Plus, don't try and 'flame' me like that. I didn't bring anyones abilities into question. I only use SMGs, and my MW2 KDR is at 3.2:1, so as that reflects. I really don't have a problem with snipers doing what they're doing.

crzyjackbauer3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Looks like trayarch has listen to all the whinners and sore looseres from mw2, god job tryarch, thats why you always stay behind infinity ward

if yall get quick scoped is because you are all running around like headless chickens around the map

theEx1Le3132d ago

Says the guy who no doubt runs round with an un-balanced one hit kill weapon

crzyjackbauer3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

quit bitchin if you don't like it go play BC2

MRMagoo1233132d ago

he doesnt need to go play bbc cos the new cod will eliminate no skilled snipers from one shotting ppl across the map without aiming maybe you will have to learn how to use the sight now hmmm?

madjedi3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

So are traditional snipers hated in mw2 or what? Because in bc2 you need snipers to keep the enemies snipers busy.

@socomnick "Snipers are perfectly good in mw2. It's better to have sniper rifles be on the weak side than to have overpowered unbalanced sniper rifles like in Bad company 2."

Lmao weaker sniper rifle, which is hilariously ironic due to how much energy is behind a typical sniper rifle round especially the .50 cal and it's successor.

Yeah overpowered sniper rifles with a slower rate of fire than any other gun out there with a 5 round clip if your lucky. That is typical a 1 hit kill weapon in rl.

Use bolt action sniper rifles in bc2, then tell me they are overpowered vs the crawlingly slow rof you damn crybaby, if anything nerf the ar and lmgs long range accuracy in bc2 to make it more even. The semi auto snipers are basically useless to me take too many body shots vs ba rifle's 1-3 depending on the range.

Let me guess your a run and gunner, bitching that his smg has too slow a rof or shotgun is underpowered or vice versa.

People complaining the sniper rifles need to be nerfed, especially bolt actions need to stop being babies, they are keyword (Distant) preferably 1 hit kill weapons, not cqc weapons.

And i am guessing from his lovely comments that crazy is one of the run and gun snipers that uses quick scoping with a high damage, no recoil sniper rifle.

It's nice to know that games like bc2 or mag, people like him will avoid, due to no unbalanced perks or weapons, but bare bones your enemies skill vs your own.

I figured the sniper/recon would be my worst class in bc2, but it is very fun, especially 1 on 1 sniper duels.

@darktower kinda dumb question but given the power of most sniper rifles shouldn't all at least headshots, with a sr be an instant kill or does mw2 not make a significant distinction between a body/headshot damage wise.

Holeran3132d ago

Hurt by this crzyjackbauer? Quick scoping is total bs and even the people who are trying to defend it know it because thats how they get most of thier kills. It takes absolutely no skill to bring up your scope and press fire in the 1.2 seconds it takes. In real life if you are running into a battlefield with a sniper rifle your ass is grass unless you are hiding in the bushes. No one runs into a fire fight with a sniper rifle. No one.

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JeffGUNZ3132d ago

You know that the sniper rifle is a distant weapon? You know the purpose of the scope, right? The reason those guns COME with a scope ATTACHED ALREADY is for you to use them to shoot people from a distance. I don't recall sniper school, having any of the isntructors show us running out in the open and no scoping people.

Looks like you'll have to find another way to exploit the game.

crzyjackbauer3132d ago

its just a game
you and all you whiners will find ways to bitch about every little detail in one game just admit that you suck at it
when Black Ops comes out you will be whining about something in it
and i will see you in the Forums

if you don't like MW2 why the hell do you still play it?

JeffGUNZ3132d ago

Actually, I enjoy MW2. It's really funny because you're sitting here, attempting to insult me about a video game and stating I suck, yet you can quick scope with Auto-Aim Assist, SoH Pro, Steady Aim, and Stopping Power. My grandmother can quick scope in MW2. It was much harder to do in COD4. Also, People that quiuck scope or no scope in games like Gears of War are pure talent and impressive. People who do it in this game are just nerdy teenagers who think it's cool because it's EASY.

It's fine though, all the real gamers who enjoy fun and balanced play will hop over to Black Ops, and you can quick-scope the pre-teens on MW2 all day long.

Funny thing is, you're probably 12.

frostypants3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I think the point here, crzyjackbauer, is that YOU suck at MW2. IF you can't win without utilizing a known exploit, that indicates a lack of true skill on your part.

I like MW2 but people like you just get in the way. Nobody is impressed when you win a round by doing this kind of thing. It takes no discernible skill to play this way.

You're probably the same kind of person who likes to hide inside rocks, on top of buildings that are supposed to be inaccessible, etc.

It's the same as a baseball player corking his bat. Sure, anyone can do it, but to try to defend it is a total joke.

@JeffGUNZ: Bubbles, man.

BulletProofVess3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

yet i think is kind of odd to make it where the perk will work on everything expect snipers

when your still able to quickly load noob tubes with slight of hand pro..

Sillyace923133d ago

no your still able to use slight of hands primary ability, where you can reload faster, it's just that you can't use it's pro ability where you aim down the sights faster(look into scope faster).

eX-GREED3132d ago

lol did you even read bullet's comment? you can still reload noob tubes quickly with sleight of hand, which is stupid. I'm looking forward to Black Ops seriously, but the scavenger/sleight of hand noobtubing is lame. well i'm looking forward the fully automatic FAMAS in Black Ops, no more sniping for me... Oh and I can't wait for the customization abilities of the game!