Mummy – I want a Wee! : The Wii-alike that's a DVD player

GamerSquad loves coming across knock-off goods; the type of stuff you find in discount stores that is obviously a blatant replication of a popular brand, complete with the kind of quality you'd expect from something costing $4.99 USD.

GamerSquad very much doubt any firm would have named its product "Wee" before the popularity of the Nintendo Wii, but since its done so well, one shameless manufacturer has done just that. Making sure to copy the logo and shape of the machine as closely as possible, Flickr user MickL spotted the item for sale at a Japanese electronics store.

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Satanas4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )


I wonder if any parents will buy that by accident, after a kid says (s)he wants a "Wii." xD

djt234077d ago

lol lol that that is rip off
look closely you will find "mini dvd player" you even use it come on

mikeslemonade4076d ago

Probably one of the smartest and dumbest ideas ever done. Why charge $5, it sounds too good to be true. It should be priced at $200 and people would buy this thinking it's the real thing. And this is going to sell like crazy but for $5 that's useless profit.

Ju4076d ago

Makes me wonder why Nintendo couldn't include a DVD player to the wii, then...if they can build a HD and license (?) the product to play DVDs for $5. But maybe they didn't license anything - save to assume that thing is a ripoff :)

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