This Week In Fanboyism: Why Anti-Kinect Fanboys Should Shut Their Silly Looking Faces

This week in fanboyism (TWIF) is a column exploring the annoying, preposterous grievances of fanboys everywhere. TWIF is half kevetching, half “consumer reporting,” with the goal to give a reasoned, evidence-based picture of what’s really happening. This week Gm3r tackles Microsoft's Kinect.

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BulletProofVess3132d ago

but until i see good games that aren't on rails
im gonna hate
& if it doesn't live up to all of Kudo and Greenberg's hype
prepare for more hate

Bojangles3132d ago

if it doesn't do what it's actually advertised to do.

Actually, the article does address MS's hype machine, but they even say that Microsoft's marketing hype doesn't count in evaluating the device because it doesn't tell us anything about whether the thing is any fun to play.

Anarki3132d ago

This title made me LOL!!!!

DigitalRaptor3132d ago

How does that make us fanboys when we're just pointing out the obvious!

gamesR4fun3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

its hard to say kinect is worth the money

Saying its looks like an eye toy rip is gonna be justified until they show something on kinect that couldnt be done with one...
Hopeful they can pull something out of the hat b4 launch but I'm not holding my breath.

Until they show us the goods these kinda articles just make me think of this.

outrageous3132d ago

Kinect wins every time because it has been proven over and over again. I'm sure the Sony Move Wii rip off works because it copies the Wii both in design and gameplay...The tech has been around for years in the form of the Nintendo Wii.

Kinect launches in November and will move alot of 360's for M$. The Sony Move will sell but it won't move many consoles because of it's ridiculous high cost and terrible line up of games. Patching the Move into games that were made for a regular controller, with the exception of HR which isn't even a game, is a cop out and shows how desperate Sony is to pretend the Move is something it clearly is not...a real controller. It's a gimmick just like it is on the Wii.

Problem with Fanboys is they have a hard time reading and worse, understanding what they've read or even scene.

I'll try and help the needy...Here's the Kinect warned, there's facts in here and may make your little brains hurt...

It's lies, M$ patented tech doesn't exist and they are selling a dream in November...No they are selling this in November...EXCLUSIVELY on 360 with Kinect...

Hopefully, the Wii demographic will want the latest, most innovated add on device ever made and M$ will go from 41+ million consoles to 70+ million, just like the Wii...well played M$.

Agent-863131d ago

You complain about fanboys, but come off as a complete troll.

Biggest3131d ago

He doesn't come off as one. He IS one. Did you see his first statement? The Kinect has proven itself over and over again. Not much more to say about him really.

Windex3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

all you need to negate his entire article is just go youtube and type Kinect videos. and most of them shows kinect not working properly.

having said that, i think it will still be good for casual. i am not hating. i am just saying it will be for casuals and not for hardcores.

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ryuzu3132d ago

Open mind? Open mind was 18 months ago when Natal was being developed.

This tech is in production and ready for launch - what it does now is what it does on launch day so you can draw your conclusions about it now.

Just like with Reach - when the pre-beta shots came out there was disappointment and the usual argument about it getting better by release. Here we are at release and it hasn't changed.

The lead time and development required is just too much to see Earth shattering major changes in performance in the last few months and that's for software - never mind Kinect.


dragon823132d ago

I consider myself a "hardcore PS3 fanboy" because I think its the best console ever made. I also own and Xbox 360 and a Wii because I am a real gamer who wants to be able to play every game on the market. MSFT sure as hell better be trying to please me if they want to contiue to get my money. The same goes for Sony and Nintendo.

The only fanboys who shouldn't matter are the N4G trolls who would rather play sales than games.

Agent-863132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

It should be pointed out that the author comes out like a total fanboy in defense of Kinect in the article. And, the title is kind of a joke since it's Kinect users who seem to have the silly looking faces (and gestures) when playing it.

saint_john_paul_ii3131d ago

"This Week In Fanboyism: Why Anti-Kinect Fanboys Should Shut Their Silly Looking Faces"

yea we should shut our faces

LMAO ok...

CobraKai3131d ago

The kid in orange knew he was gonna look like an ass and didn't play. LMAO

Solid_Snakeps33131d ago

I'll stop hating on Kinect when Microsoft fires Greenberg... everyone hates that douche...

JokesOnYou3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Most won't even read it because the headline scares them, so they'd rather just write this guy off as being a pro-kinect fanboy, troll or whatever...same as the folks he's talking about, but the reality is this is guy isn't for or against kinect, he's not promoting it in any way other than pointing out there are some false statements spread as facts and that alot of the hate for kinect is BS at this stage since these same people who hate it so much have never physically tried it for themselves. Now if you actually read it you would know that he understands how someone can use common sense and make educated assumptions to know if they dont like a product they have never tried which is fine but you cant really make creditable evaluations of that product while passing them on as facts and others could have legitimate reasons to disagree with your assumptions which doesn't make them kinect fanboys simply because they are more open minded about it than you are.

Either way following something you are clearly not interested in only to tell the world over and over again how much YOU hate it, really only demonstrates how much of a fanboy, troll, hater some of you really are. It doesn't matter though there's very few people comments here that I or anybody else who knows anything about gaming, n4g and fanboys that should be taken seriously. I think Kinect's launch lineup has a couple of casual games that will appeal to casuals but I personally don't like anything I've seen so far for Kinect other then the menu navigation capabilities, although I'm hopeful there will be stuff in the future to my liking, we'll see. Anyway lets not kid ourselves....I mean its not like if Kinect actually does get a few good games that most on n4g would recognize it....those who hate kinect now will continue to hate it no matter what how good future kinect games may be, they'll always claim it needs buttons, same as in the early days of shooters how we heard consoles could never do good shooters because of the lack of mouse and keyboard. lol, for those of us who are old enough, dayum how times have changed. Thankfully outside of n4g the haters are in the minority, they are fortunately an insignificant group.


stuna13131d ago

This is just a reversal of fortune! What I mean is when the ps3 first was released the serious sony fans asked for the same acceptions when it came to giving the ps3 a chance to come into it's own, as far as proving what it was capable of, but were people willing to give it a chance? No, only the true fans of sony were. Everyone especially the media did nothing but crucify the ps3, and anyone associated with it! Boy those were dark days indeed! But guess what sony didn't give up, and neither did those who believed that the ps3 was and is destined for greatness, even though the grave had already been dug for it, and the haters were already starting to shovel dirt back into the hole already dug for it. And now we come to the present, where things are starting to finally look up, and the same scenario is starting to unfold, the only difference is that it's the competition going the negative press, and bashings, now the same wait and see attitude that wasn't afforded the ps3, should be given to the xbox 360s and kinects? Double standards much!
Also before the move was released, there were also people trying to discredit it as well, but everyone is suppose to give kinects a free pass?!

CyberCam3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

I remember those dark days! I was one of the PS3 version of JOY (no pun intended) but not as blunt. I was constantly getting gang raped on forums, it was pretty crazy. I couldn't tell you how many times I was called racist names & all other sorts of crazy things.

I still laugh to myself at how things have turned around in 3 short years... WOW!

I see many 360 fans quote that PS3 "fanboys" are the worst, but I've felt the cruel wrath of the cheerleaders of the other team and they're no better.

Even though I prefer the PS3 over the 360, I never put anyone down for being a fan of the 360. I do however try to figure out the common sense factor of why their fans still fully support them even after many of M$'s blatant schemes to rip off their loyal customers?

One thing I must say about the PS3 fans is that they will equally rip in to Sony as much as they do M$ for many of their downfalls. That's the main reason why Sony is where it is now... from fanboy outcry Sony had to fix it's many flaws!

aaron58293131d ago

not impressed with kinect makes me a fanboy.

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BlackBusterCritic3132d ago ShowReplies(1)
coolbeans3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Kind of funny to see the first two main comments on this topic :P.

Redempteur3132d ago

"Claim: Kinect is lame and unenjoyable.
Why It’s Wrong: You haven’t used the device."

sorry i don't need to try to see i don't like to catch the red ball or snaking ( i mean driving ) without a wheel or brakes i know from expérience with mario kart wii that having you hands in the air for a long time is tiring and no fun . and it's not like any of the launch titles of kinect is revolutionnary .

"Claim: Kinect is a ripoff of PlayStation Eye.
Why It’s Wrong: It’s not."

it's not kinect can do more .but it's a rip off because the tech doesn't work in a normal gaming environnement ( why do you think those kinect exhibition are in that bubble ? Because kinect get confused easily ). This tech doesn't work..on the contrary of the Eye toy.

Ps: voice recognition sound trackingand voice chat (up to 6 ) are already possible with the PSeye and it doesn't cost that much

"Claim: Buttons are better.
Why It’s Wrong: For whom? For what?"

If you want precision , if you want FPS , if you want to brake while driving , yes you need boutons, can you give me one example of a type of game where précision and accuracy isn't needed ? what about timing ? yes boutons can help you to achieve that . what what ? dance central ..i'll admit games are possible with kinect ... but if that's the only thing they can do with a camera ...

Bojangles3132d ago

I think the article addressed everything you said!

They didn't say you're WRONG for making an educated guess about whether or not you'll enjoy the game, since people tend to have an idea of what they do and don't like -- they just made the point that you can't know for sure until you actually try it (you might be surprised).

As for the tech -- I think Kinect has been shown to work in a normal gaming environment... at least the tech demos I've seen. On TV shows they had to wear orange jump suits and stuff because of the heat from the studio light (like on Jimmy Fallon), which is NOT a normal living room.

Glad you actually read the article though!

YoshiMeetsU3132d ago

If I am playing FPS or those types of games I'm not going to use Move or Kinect. Simple.

The hardcore will always go to their controllers when it comes to those types of games. Kinect is NOT for those types of games. What is so hard to understand about that?

n4gno3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Kinect, yes, you are right, but move : mag, kz3, etc !

[email protected] and all fanboyz in total denial (despite 250 reviews)

for nbidu and all f liars, just shut up : move is sold out everywhere (or close) and work desperated that they have to invent things, pathetic braindead people.

LaughingStoic3132d ago

Hey! Just found that we're getting hits on N4G. Hope you all enjoy this article (or, at least the discussion it sparks).

We'll be putting out a new one each week -- be sure to let us know if there are any topics you'd like to see covered in the future with research & analysis (this week was fairly light, but we'd like to go more in depth in the future if people like the column).


redDevil873132d ago

Here's a topic:

The downfall of Capcom. I would like to see someone tackle that.

dead_eye3132d ago

lol fairly light. more like a rabid fanboy lol