PlayStation Plus gains exclusive Castlevania: Lords of Shadow demo this week

GamerZines writes:

PlayStation Plus subscribers can look forward to a further exclusive treat this week, as a Castlevania: Lords of Shadow demo makes its debut on Sony's next-gen console.

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GuruStarr783133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

NOW THIS...could make me take the ps+ dive...except it's Europe only so far....

StanLee3133d ago

I really want to get excited about this game but I'm getting that Dante's Inferno vibe all over again. I was so excited for Dante's Inferno and it was so mediocre. I saw a few developer diaries of this game and the combat seems really one dimentional and boring.

monk3393133d ago

Glad to see Sony is figuring out a way to monetize their online service all while keeping the free online play. MS needs to take not of this.

cliffbo3133d ago

don't even go there! this game is going to be as good as GOW3 and that's coming from a PS3 owner and a big fan of the GOW franchise

JonDiskonected3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Completly agree with Stan Lee. I even thought God of War 3 was meh at best. I hope this one does the genre justice.

EvilBlackCat3133d ago

"I'm getting that Dante's Inferno vibe all over again"

seriously WTF?

By the way Dantes inferno is great game IMO.


Well the graphics of this game are already very appealing so hopefully you wont feel the same disappointment as you did when playing Dante's Inferno.

Redrum0593133d ago

please for the love of gaming, bring it to the US

Imperator3133d ago

It won't be as good as GOW3. A multiplat simply cannot compete with a Ps3 exclusive. It will, however, be a great game (from what I've seen).

mastemikegee3133d ago

konami are making this. and hideo kojima collaborated. it has to be good. right?

The Creep3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

this graphically already looks better than God of war 3. so i dont know what your goingon about mate.

the video doesnt lie

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showtimefolks3133d ago

medal of honor

if LOS is ok/good other games will get my money we have waited far too long for a 3d castlevania game and this better be good.

its just like GOW combat wise BUT THAT GOOD if you copy the best and ADD A FEW OF YOUR OWN THINGS it just needs to work

raztad3133d ago

Agree about the game need to be great. I feel it has a good chance to be great. First of all, having Kojima on board, means there will be a crazy story about battle between good and evil for world domination.

Second, the visuals are pretty solid.

Third, combat looks like GoW but platforming like UC2 and big boss battles like Shadow of the Colossus.

Tis might be a winner. I only need to know how long the game is.

ElementX3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

What's the point of listing enslaved, fallout, medal of honor, and vanquish? The rest of your post is a grammatical mess.

MGRogue20173133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Hmmm.. Does this mean that the US PSN store will get it also.. for everyone including regular users instead??

That's what happened with the Mafia II demo. I'm in the UK & I downloaded it using my US PSN account while PS+ members in Europe/UK had to pay for it. :P

FAGOL3133d ago

YES this is why I bought ps+

Kamikaze1353133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

The demo comes out for Xbox LIVE members for free, yet PSN users have to pay to get to the demo? Am I missing something here? >_>

Oh alright, thanks guys. It's been a long time since I've owned a 360 and I forgot about the whole Gold and Silver members. Can't wait till it comes out for us regular PSN users.

raztad3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

yes you are. The demo will be coming later to regular PS users, it is just PS+ users getting it earlier.

monk3393133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

so, just how gold works? With Xbox live gold people get the demos early, and silver accounts get it later. Besides the free online play, PSN+ is looking a whole lot like gold.

raztad3133d ago

Yes, I guess it would be equivalent to Gold in that sense. After all PS+ users pay to receive VIP treatment.

JonDiskonected3133d ago

xbox live isnt free...sooooo it's the same thing

I'll bet you anything that the demo wont be out for silver accounts, only gold

Biggest3133d ago

It's funny that you think $50-$60 a year is free.

monk3393133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Well, I may be wrong here, but I don't think PSN+ is free either...

Biggest3133d ago

You're late to the party. I was responding to Kamikaze135 before his edit. And it's PS+. PSN is free.

YoshiMeetsU3133d ago

When everyone would get it before, now you gotta be a member of the Plus club.

And only for Europe?

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