NBA 2K11 Sends Your Team To The White House

2K Sports has some news for you guys. Not only do they have a revamped Association mode, but if your GM skills are up to par, your team may visit with Barack Obama in the White House.

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BigKev453135d ago

It just keeps getting better and better.

blackboyunltd3135d ago

NBA 2k11 is one of the few franchises to get better every year

showtimefolks3135d ago

what are you 2 smoking?

i been playing the same nba 2k game for last 2-3 years with little tweaks

how about this make the franchise mode MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER this year it seems like you will get be a pro mode but EA's be a pro mode sounds much better.

but EA needs atleast one more year for those new controls to really work

NBA series needs a wake up call just my opinion

i have yet to buy a sports games in 2010 and won't until they make some real changes its like once you play the demo you played the full game

albel_nox3135d ago

Didn't Madden 11 already do the whole meet the president after winning the championship thing?