PS3 games in the making!

With all the bad publicity and internet bashing going on here is something to brighten your day. Almost 200 working titles for the PS3.

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Captain Tuttle5391d ago

And even more "TBA" release dates.

Bill Nye5391d ago

There are only 171 titles listed.

BIadestarX5391d ago (Edited 5391d ago )

But it sounds cool when you say "almost 200". Power of hype.

Shadow Flare5391d ago (Edited 5391d ago )

yeah, the xbox 360 is 'almost' next-gen. You just gotta wait for that HD-DVD drive to rear its smoking head

NitrogenB5390d ago

HAHA, that's hilarious!, it's so true...

NitrogenB5390d ago

If you can read, he said almost, and if you can do math, it adds up to 186...I'd say that's pretty good for a system that hasn't even come out yet, even if most of them are working titles or TBA...

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clayton5391d ago

Xbox 360 has 292 title listed! He!! Yeah!!

Balance5391d ago

you also have to add in all the xbox live arcade games. i don't know how many of those there are so it is 292+x

amrasmord5391d ago

wow, xbox has been out almost a year now don't forget. In a year, you'll probably see around 300 PS3 games in dev.

NitrogenB5390d ago

Well #3, considering it's almost been out a year, it should have that many games at least in the works, tard, and #3.1, wanna add live arcade titles, then add ps1 and ps2 titles and take your # and times it by 10...bring the rucus dude...please.

wakkiwakko5391d ago

Most of those titles are mere speculation. Because they're part of a series so it's obvious that they will continue their heritage onto the PS3. It’s not really a definitive list. Plus DEVs are backing away from the PS3. They’d rather make games for the PS2. Soon they will be pressured into making games for the PS3. Then we’ll see true titles. Right now, don’t hold your breath.

Shadow Flare5391d ago

even though the ps3 is supposedly incredibly difficult to program for...they have 171 titles in development? Well its not like the ps3 is lacking in games is it? And its certainly not lacking in quality games. I mean check out the first page or two. They're are some great games coming

HyperBear5391d ago

And the launch titles are looking pretty sweet as well. You got Resistance, Warhawk, Motorstorm, and a lot of sports games, oh and Assassins Creed, and Heavenly Sword. Thos etitles are gonna rock. PS3 has great games, I dont know why ppl, like TheMart, keep bashing it for no reason. Or the reason why he bashes it is because he doesnt like PS3 and think its a joke. Well its not, so lighten up. Xbox 360 =10.0, PS# = 9.5. I LIKE THEM BOTH

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The story is too old to be commented.