Top 10 Halo Easter Eggs

gamrFeed - "One of the fun things to do in any Halo game is to try to find as many Easter eggs as you can. An Easter Egg, for those unaware, is a term for any sort of digital in-joke, hidden item, or secret found in a piece of media. Fans of the series have taken great lengths to find these and have chronicled all of their exploits on various websites including YouTube. I scoured these videos and found what I feel are the ten best ones. These are in no particular order, and include only items from before Halo: Reach, so don't worry about spoilers."

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Spectator13134d ago

heh, I didn't know about most of those.

Urmomlol3134d ago

Didn't catch some of these. Good job.

Duke_Silver3133d ago

some of those are hillarious