Fresh Dead Rising content available on the Marketplace

FREE content is already available for the game via the much loved Xbox 360 Marketplace. It seems you can download locker keys that unlock costumes previously hidden in the game, such as a grandpa costume and more.

Here is a list of the new content:

Miami Nights Key: Clothes
Casual Key: Clothes
Weekender Key: Clothes
Round Shades: Clothes
Burgundy Wine Key: Clothes
Grandpa Key: Clothes
Pink Paparazzi Key: Clothes
Man In Black Key: Clothes

All files are 108KB, the only thing they do is add a key to your inventory which allows you to unlock the item. Extra downloadable video's Webisode 1 to 6 is available on marketplace in USA.

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TheMART5391d ago

There are also 6 Webisodes video's downloadable on USA marketplace from Dead Rising. Not on European/Dutch Marketplace.

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Arsenic135391d ago

Capcom made me scream in this game cause its freakin hard. I restarted 2 get an advantage.