Is Digital Distribution Reshaping the Gaming Industry?

It seems like it's everywhere these days. There are tons of websites dedicated to it. It's advertised in magazines and it's found on all of the current game consoles as well as the PC. It's digital distribution and it's taking over the way video games are bought and sold...somewhat.

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Letros3137d ago

PC is reshaping the industry, like it has been doing for 20 years now.

dangert123137d ago

Only a fool says no
Difference is
Its change consoles for the worst and pc for the better

SactoGamer3137d ago

Of course it's changing the industry. Any new business model is capable of doing that. Just how much it changes the industry is, in the long-term, up to the consumer.

kevnb3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

its almost killed retail for pc games already. So much is subsciption based or free to play now as well, thats where the money is in the long run.

dorron3137d ago

Let's see...DLC, patches, online fees...

Yes, it's changing the industry, but not for good.

kevnb3137d ago

unfinished games being released is though.

dorron3137d ago


Yeah, I meant to say that (No patches would be needed if games weren't rushed to market).

Tuxmask553137d ago

Patches might still be necessary to fix bugs that arise, though.

Fadetoblack693137d ago

And yet they still charge the same as retail even though you get no physical media, no packaging, have no shipping expenses etc.... In essence you pay the same price to get less product.

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