Sony: Buttons are 'irreplaceable'

When Dr. Richard Marks says something - you listen. He's studied avionics at MIT, has a PhD in underwater robotics from Stanford and is the father of the EyeToy, PlayStation Eye and the PlayStation Move.

Right now, he's got a thing about buttons. Yep. Buttons. The sort you'll find all over PlayStation Move - but not, famously, anywhere near Microsoft's Kinect.

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SandWitch3135d ago

Agree. Gaming will never be comfortable with touchscreen control or motion system like Kinect. They are for fun, not for real gaming.

Taggart4513135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

"[These controls] are for fun, not for real gaming."

What kind of tripe is this? Is that not what the entire gaming industry is about -- FUN? Skill is definitely a part of the appeal, and mastering a technique or besting someone else is rewarding, and you enjoy the feeling. If gaming isn't about fun, why would you even do it?

You wouldn't go about trashing a romantic book saying that it isn't "for the hardcore novel reader." You wouldn't say that a fun, yet shallow action flick isn't for the "cinematic critic."

Now, I love my Move. And I don't like Kinect, after trying it out in one of the Macy's stores around the country. But I haven't discounted it from doing anything well in the future. But, you CANNOT overgeneralize something that encompasses such a wide area. It's these kinds of comments that prevent gaming from becoming socially accepted because we as a community are so exclusionary.

bjornbear3135d ago

although i'd go further.

tact is irreplaceable.

MGRogue20173135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Hmmmm.. Sony f**ked up there.

Very Strange because mostly all of their products are pretty much genuine & 100% future proof.

And please don't give me that YLOD rubbish.. Keep the system well looked after, clean out the PS3 from time to time, & Nothing can go wrong.

ThatsGaming3135d ago

Pretty dumb.

If you need a game to have buttons with Kinect I am sure you can just pick up your handy-dandy 360 controller and use those buttons.

This is such a dumb publicity stunt by Sony.

Pennywise3135d ago

So Sony should have just saved their money and let us use the eyetoy with a DS3?

SillySundae3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Wait ...

Did you just say that Eye Toy + DS3 combo already does what Kinect can and more?

But seriously.

What is the point of Kinect if you're using the 360 controller anyway?
How do you gesture when your hands are holding a controller?

You promote "Controller free gaming"
... then go back to the controller for your limitations?

now that is what you call dumb.

skatezero2463135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

"This is such a dumb publicity stunt by Sony" ... and Aaran Greenburg calling The playstation move software into question isn't?

NateNater3135d ago

If your body is meant to be the controller like MS says, you should not need to use the regular controller at all with Kinect. Using the controller defeats the whole purpose of Kinect.

rwarner1743135d ago

How so? Do you honestly think a 360 controller or DS3 would be comfortable to use in a motion based game. They are going to have to design a controller much like the ps3's navigation controller. Which is all fine and dandy, but it going to make the entier motion package push 200$. On the same note, couldn't sony just release an updated HD stereo camera. You can't do everything with a stereo camera that you can do with Kinect.

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They had experience with Control free motion gaming.

They know how things works, buttons are needed.

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