Kudo: "hardly anyone plays first person shooters on the PC anymore"

GamerZines writes:

Kinect lead designer Kudo Tsunoda has weighed into the decline of PC gaming whilst responding to a question as to how Microsoft are approaching the design of future titles for the new hands-free motion control device.

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BulletProofVess3135d ago

Greenburg and Kudo should just keep there arrogant mouths shut

or at least have some data or relevance behind there words

3135d ago
deadreckoning6663135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

"kinda tired of listening to these M$ guys
Greenburg and Kudo should just keep there arrogant mouths shut"

Then why do you keep clicking/commenting on articles about them???If there is someone with a gun to your head forcing you to enter into these threads..please PLEASE let me or the mods know so we can alert the authorities.

Oner3135d ago

CONFIRMED ~ This guys is absolutely delusional and talks nothing but verbal diarrhea.

CombatEvolving3135d ago

Why click these articles and take the time to comment? You know you like it.

mcslick1013135d ago

Sorry to burst his little bubble. But I think Kudo hasn't played Counter-Strike and lets not forget, there is an onslaught of mods for the majority of FPS games like Half Life and UT which all in all, make the PC platform a lot better than his petty dedicated gaming machines. And I doubt he's including pirates, If you think about it, If you were to include all the pirates as PC gamers, There would be a lot more PC Gamers than any other platform. Let's not forget about Famville and all that crap, essentially that's PC gaming too.

nickjkl3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

end straw i just dont like this guy anymore

it all started with natal will deliver experience that cant be done on any other console

then it was kinect will out sell i pad

and now its hardly anyone plays first person shooters on pc anymore

Substance1013135d ago

lol he should check the stats on steam alone. Theres over 200,000 people playing different FPS games at any given time.

pixelsword3135d ago

Just let the games do the talking.

I don't agree what he says at all, why is it that people act like devs know it all?

Gabe said the PS3 was garbage... until he back-tracked.

Peter Molyneux says stuff wrong all of the time with a Patcher-like quality.

Julian Eggebrecht said his crew didn't like the controls but he went along with it anyways.

John Carmack said that there was very little difference between the PS3 and the 360, but (not to say that it can't, but hasn't been proven yet) instead of an easier to program console pulling ahead the PS3 has almost from the start done games like Heavenly Sword (hundreds of enemies) and Motorstorm (cars that totally come apart) which should have been easily replicated in terms of complexity on the 360, but really haven't as of yet.

I mean there's a bunch of examples where programmers eat their own words, but for some reason people still listen to them.

Just let the games do the talking.

sikbeta3135d ago

lame, this will encourage the little x-bros to go against their PC-bros and it can't be that way cos it'll end up hurting their M$ momma.... remember, you can dismiss N, you can hate Sony, but you never go against teh Family.... lol

Keep doing your kinectimal-sh!t dude and let the PC-gamers have the best graphics (the only thing that matters in the universe) least they have REAL GAMES to play....

mastiffchild3135d ago

Meh. Divide and rule. We get it from Kotick, Christ we get it from all of them these days. They like a gaming community divided and easy to force into buying whatever they throw at us.

This is just more of the same to get PC gamers annoyed and arguing with console gamers. It prevents a situation arising where, when the next thing arises where they rip off part of our community the rest of us might stand up for the section being shafted. In this case they may also be after their constant moves to push out the PC version of multiplat games because they can't actually be bothered fostering decent relations with gamers and ousting the pirates from that platform. It's easier for them to make out PC gaming is in it's death throes(when it isn't) because they have to make more features for PC games and currently make less money per unit in the PC world(not just through piracy, mind)so would much prefer to sell console copies of their games. Naturally they also like, at MS, to give you the idea that gaming over Live is a much better proposition than on PC and by saying what he is here he pushes both that idea and divides the rest of us arguing over whether what he says is true or not rather than think9ing what he's actually after.

Same thing with Kotick and the PC price hike and the taking away of dedicated servers-rather than supporting the PC gamers(and asking why the fuck we don't have dedicated servers on all platforms rather than none on the biggest selling, and online orientated, shooter around anyway!)console gamers laughed and said "we pay that much anyway" or "you deserve it for piracy"-when most PC gamers are legit and do NOT pirate games. Divide and rule so they can push through whatever they want and PC is often the butt because they know PC gamers tend to be less casual and more well read up on the issues in gaming and as a result console gamers(along with the better profit per unit)appear easier to manipulate and less reactionary than their PC brethren. I just see this stuff as them keeping gamers divided for their own purposes-simple as that as anyone who plays shooters on their PC(I still play a bit of TF2 and NEVER have a lack of servers or oppo or mates to play on, against or with!)knows there's plenty gaming on shooters anyway.

Ignore and move on, file under "Well, he would say that, wouldn't he?" as he works primarliy on a console platform which he must support, or be seen to.

BattleAxe3135d ago

This is comming from the guy who is promoting Kinect? GTFO!

evrfighter3135d ago

That's interesting. I just recently converted a diehard 360 gamer over to the pc. Buy building his pc and gifting him cs and battlefield.

In fact he didn't even buy Reach.

imvix3135d ago

BC2 is actually played more on PC then any console.

Now show us that FPS game running on Kinect lol.

nycredude3135d ago


Why do you always defend anything MS? You work for them or something? Do you agree with this clown that no one plays fps on pc anymore? I mean seriously these guys are idiots with some of the things they say. They do nothing but hype and talk BS with no proof to back it up.

Comet3135d ago

"Come on, who wants to believe their mouse is a gun... when we can use our hands w/ Kinect! Pyoo... Pyoo, Pyoo, Pyoo!"

Millah3134d ago

Isn't he basically dissing his own platform? Last time I checked, "Games for Windows" was a Microsoft thing.

Maybe I'm just being delusional. Or maybe Kudo is an asshat.

BWS19823134d ago

I've tried, trust me...I never got a real answer from him. He hates PS3 fanboys. Fine...but why in God's name does he defend MS and crap on Sony? I never really got that answered. He fervently denied he has any anti-Sony posting (yeah, believe it). He only owns a PS3, though (?!?!?!?) That's like a Christian atheist, it just makes your head hurt.

Hideo_Kojima3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

First of all his not talking about Farmville he is talking about First Person Shooters.

Second of all why would a developer include Pirates when he is looking at how many potential buyers there are available for him on a certain platform? Pirates are not counted by any developer as true gamers. Do you think they actually want millions of people stealing their games?

Thirdly you guys need to understand that PC gaming is at a low and it has really gone down hill in the past 5 years. You can tell because we still play HL2 and CS Source which are GREAT games but you must see that hardly any FPS games are being released on the PC as an exclusive anymore.

Because developers are abondening the PC due to the fact that...

"hardly anyone "PAYS" for first person shooters on the PC anymore"

PS - You guys say 200,000 people play FPS games on steam is that even a lot? Surely if you add up all the FPS games on XLive or PSN they will surpass that number.

JD_Shadow3134d ago

Similar to how we all clicked on HHG's videos even though a lot of us hated HIM so much.

bakasora3134d ago

So Kudo is another new dick head huh

CrIpPeN3134d ago

I can't believe there is people that disagree with you, I guess they are really stupid.

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DigitalAnalog3135d ago

Wait, I didn't see any part of the quote in the actual article.

-End statement

CranberryPub3135d ago

"Halo did an awesome job of building a first-person shooter exclusively for the console, and now hardly anyone plays first person shooters on the PC anymore. It's all about the console."

CBaoth3135d ago

he mentions PC ports not having success on consoles because they weren't built from the ground up for consoles. Which is true. Then he uttered the word Halo and inserted his foot into mouth.

badz1493135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

how can he even thinks that FPS are not popular on PC anymore when it's THE platform best suited for FPS! it's like saying, Halo Wars is a good RTS and is doing well on the console, and now hardly anyone plays RTS on PC anymore. duh?? WTF is this guy smoking? I think he's 'Kinect'ly drunk LOL!

Substance1013135d ago

Its called overdose of trying to promose the fail Kinect is.

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Megaton3135d ago

This is old. I remember being bewildered by that statement a couple weeks ago.

bjornbear3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

....=O ?!?!?!??!?!


hakis863135d ago

Microsoft should win some kind of "dumbass-statements 2010 award"

DORMIN3135d ago

I think they did...

Kinect E3 Press Conference. :-p

TheTwelve3135d ago

O.K.? I'd say less people want to see the bottom of their avatar's shoes.


outrageous3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

I think what Mr Kudo was trying to say was " hardly anyone PAYS to play FPS's on the PC ", that's it...O_o

Akagi3135d ago


/goes back to TF2.

edhe3135d ago

Funny all these people saying this but myself, and plenty of my friends all used to play FPS on PC - now it's on 360. That's 100% of a dozen or so people converted over a few years.

Considering that trend i wouldn't be surprised if the only people left playing PC FPSs were zealots or modders.

mastiffchild3135d ago

Anecdotal evidence, though, can be very misleading even when it's your own. I game less on PC now for a variety of reasons but when I do I don't sense any fewer people about and the continued, and quantifiable success of Steam also points to a pretty lively scene on PC today. It's just in MS interests to sell more on 360 so I take all this as divisive nonsense that just serves who said it and not gamers.

I don't doubt that you tell the truth, either, but neither of us know what the trends are in every nation, in every community artound the world. Maybe in some areas the move hasn't happened and they have more young gamers coming into PC gaming as well-levelling up the kind of thing you watched happen. Seriously, I don't detect any lessening of population on the TF2 servers when I boot up these days and I do so every week without fail at one point or another. If we start believing what people like this say then we're in danger of allowing them to phase out certain multi plats on PC just because they feel their bottom line is easier to push on console while, really, if the PC version makes a profit it should be there-they're trying to force things into the boxes they want just cos it suits.

gamingdroid3134d ago

Judging by the number of PC versions of popular FPS games sold on console versus PC, I would say Kudo isn't exactly inaccurate.

How many copies of MW2 sold on consoles (Xbox 360, PS3 and maybe Wii) then compare that to the PC. What is the ratio?

RBLAZE19883135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

What kind of tool has to constantly wear sunglasses...what is he a drug addict? The way he talks, probably. I'd be more inclined to take him seriously if he didn't have them on all the time. He looks like some cartoon mascot like the cheetohs cheetah.

If he has extreme light sensitivity or photophobia then i apologize but i doubt it. Most likely he suffers from a strong douchebag disorder much like many of microsofts talking heads.

Saryk3135d ago

He thinks he is a rock star or something.

MsmackyM3135d ago

He is the Official Xbox Troll, he definitely has a knack for flame worthy comments.

moparful993134d ago

Not defending kudo I think he's a douche but he has some kind of eye dis order or something from what I heard that forces him to wear sunglasses all the time...

Christopher3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Holy f'ng A, is he kidding? Much like the 360, it's the most played COTS software out there. Now, if he's going to compare it to the overall number of people who play flash games (facebook games), then that's just stupid. But, as far as the industry in which he is involved, shooters are the strongest and most purchased/played titles on the PC.

Go to any digital distribution site and look up their top sellers, 9 weeks out of 10 it's an FPS.

***People for the longest time tried to port shooters from the PC onto the console. And people said the same things that they are saying now about Kinect - "It's never going to be responsive enough to do this***

No one ever said that. Go back to GoldenEye. No one said crap about the responsiveness of the game and everyone loved it. That was 13 years ago.

This is the Microsoft standard response. Two weeks ago it was "No one did FPSes on the console until Halo came into the market." Now it's "Kinect is going to be awesome because of unrelated and false comment about FPS moving towards consoles."

IaMs123135d ago

Haha just because consoles are getting the attention that the PC had for FPS's years ago doesnt mean its dead! Its way ahead!
Without the PC you wouldnt have consoles, its where it all started FPS

3135d ago
BLuKhaos3135d ago

Typical MS, all flash no substance.

BkaY3134d ago

i think he got a contract with carrera sunnies... j/k

on topic: more than 200k ppl are playing fps on pc ..

200k ppl =/= hardly..


avengers19783134d ago

PC gamers are the most Fanatical of all.
I'm not saying that as a bad thing.
They are die hard and will keep there community alive for along time... plus there is a huge mod community that just love to tinker with games, and let's face facts you won't be doing that on a console.
IMO There are still a large number of people playing all types of games on PC.

SkyGamer3134d ago

I like Kinect and have mine pre-ordered, can't wait to get my groove on with Dance Central; but he is really ignorant with that comment. Hello Counter Strike Source? True a lot of people mmo and "Farmville" wow are people hooked on that one, but REAL PC gamers still play shooters. Of course I have to admit that I haven't played as much of late as most of my time has been with Puzzle Quest 2. Oh and a little game called Reach.

Consoldtobots3134d ago

I won't diss Kudo because he was responsible for THE best version of fight night ever when he was in charge of EA chicago but this is just another example of what working for MS does to people.

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MariaHelFutura3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

And NO ONE will play them using Kinect. Half Life 2 using Kinect was beyond a joke. LBP2 can run FPSs better than Kinect.

dangert123135d ago

Is it just me or do MS reps Have to much to say normally having something to is not bad but when your constantly chatting from your bum is it relevant

MariaHelFutura3135d ago

I think their trying to convince themselves Kinect is awesome.

butterfinger3135d ago

First of all, Kinect is a hardware peripheral whereas LittleBigPlanet is software. Obviously LBP2 was designed to allow people to make any game they want within the game. Secondly, why would you ever say a piece of software "runs" a certain genre better than some hardware? Guess what, genius, Halo 3 runs FPS's better than Kinect OR LBP2. I swear the level of intelligence of the fanboys on this site just gets lower and lower. Anything to troll, I suppose.

MariaHelFutura3135d ago

Butterfinger. It was joke lighten up. MF Doom would be disappointed w/ you.

butterfinger3135d ago

is a villain, kid. Don't come in here acting like you know about him.

MariaHelFutura3135d ago

I`ve actually met him on several occasions.

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jack_burt0n3135d ago

Which would you rather play?

Pacman LBP

Pacman Kinect

>_< the lbp community WINS

2late3135d ago

I stopped reading at 'Kinect lead designer'

2late3135d ago

you don't need a degree to spot bullshit

wicko3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Don't worry guys, I have one.

I also stopped reading at "Kinect lead designer".

Because I have a degree, I must be right, but it's okay 2late, your opinion is the same as mine so yours is also correct.

Also, edhe does not have a degree, otherwise he'd realize that degrees don't prove you have any intelligence, judging by some of the people I've seen obtain them. Hell, for all I know I could also be stupid!

saint_john_paul_ii3135d ago

WTF are these guys smoking????