PSM Warhawk Reviewer Worked For Official Xbox Mag Beforehand

For those PS3 fans disappointed with PSM's latest Warhawk review, you will find this interesting:

PSM: Independent PlayStation Magazine, Future US Inc.'s leading publication devoted to coverage of Sony's console, has appointed Rob Smith as Editor In Chief. Prior to his position as Associate Publisher for both magazines, Smith contributed as Associate Publisher of Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) and before that, as Editor In Chief of the publication.

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ngg123454077d ago

I knew this would come to happen sooner or later. 1up owned oxm, egm, and psm. I was waiting for everyone to blame them sooner or later, because if I recall they were the people who stated that they were willing to bump down warhawk's review if it was 40 $'s or more.

jwatt4077d ago

I remember them saying that it shouldn't be 40 dollars or more.

Ri0tSquad4077d ago

Bad review I would love to read what he said about it.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4077d ago

1up said if Warhawk was over ****$30**** then they would deduct 1 point from the review.

$30 not $40.

Gizmo_Logix4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

OPM, PSM, and EGM!

Even a few months after the PS3 launch PSM were saying things that were anti-Sony. Crazy black propaganda! And we all know what happened to OPM. They got axed.

Xbox 360 Will4077d ago

i'm canceling my subscription.

metalgear88774077d ago

But i was in the beta, and this is definantly a high AA to low AAA game.

ALI-G4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

worked for microsoft, that is why BS3 is crap
Also EA/UBISOFT/2k Devloper all worked in MSGS that is why their games suck in ( ExcuseMEstation 3)

JsonHenry4077d ago

This matters somehow?

He isn't the only reviewer less than satisfied with this game...

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akira4077d ago

i believe theres a lot of black propaganda going on againts ps3 especially now that great games are coming up. just a reminder to all of you who loves the ps3 just play the games first, demo or rent it then judge it by yourself. because starting from here on in a lot of ms viral marketing are going to be very active. so enjoy our awesome games and also now is gonna be a good time to say thank God i bought a ps3!! alright peace ya all!!!!

Cole4077d ago

This is ridiculous. It seems as though it is just not about the consumer anymore. It is all about money (and always has). I played the Warhawk beta, and it deserves at the very least 90/100. It may not have single player, but the multiplayer is super fun.

Whoooop4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

I have to say this has turned into a circus..

I can't imaging all the news, rumors, BS articles etc. that will arise from september 1 till the holidays..

It's going to be HELL.

MK_Red4077d ago

Nice find but was that a really xboxic review. We don't even have the full review yet. Still, interesting find.

HeartlesskizZ4077d ago

I was specting somthing like it.