TGS pulls in 200,000 gamers

E4G: Another year, another TGS, this year has been noteworthy not just for the games that were shown off, The Last Guardian, DMC, Metal Gear Rising, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, and Yakuza: Of The End to name a few, but also TGS 2010 saw a no-show from Nintendo, partly responsible for some empty floor space in the Mikahari Messe.

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Chefooba3137d ago

Wow, 250,000 @ Gamescom? That's an insane amount, I thought E3 was way bigger.

dkblackhawk503137d ago

Just wait until next years, it shall be massive. But to be honest, I am surprised by the turnout at the TGS, at least the Tokyo Game Industry is still growing strong.

seanoc3137d ago

There are some interesting comparison figures in this article. Then again, numbers don't tell the whole story. E3 and TGS may have fewer visitors than Gamescom but they definitely carry more prestige. They certainly generate more anticipation in the run up.

mmoracerules3137d ago

This is 100 % true, this is also why devs announce their games most of the time at E3.

shepowy3137d ago

I wish there was a show as big as E3 or TGS in the UK, i know it would be a huge hit, well with me anyway :D

seanoc3137d ago

We have the Eurogamer Expo which is growing every year. It doesn't offer much in the way of big announcements but it's a good chance to get hands-on with all the upcoming games. It's always growing so maybe in a few years we'll see some UK publishers/devs start to make some big announcements there. Otherwise, the Eurogamer Expo is pretty good.

blkriku3137d ago

there were some big surprises this year at TGS. one of the biggest being DMC