Exclusive Wet Trailer: Lara Croft Killer?

Exclusive first trailer for Sierra's next-gen Lara Croft killer.

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MK_Red4080d ago

"Wet Trailer"!? Never mind. ;)

The game has serious potential but come on... WET!?

Satanas4080d ago

LOL, "WET." No doubt what inspirations this game is taking from.

MK_Red4080d ago

Bloody Wet. This screen is kinda painfull. Wonder what rating the game will end up with.

ShiftyLookingCow4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

woah she looks like a hooker with nothing to lose, this is no Lara killer

[edit] speaking of breasts,
1. reduce her breast a little bit more and they would be same size as door knobs
2. I feel awkward nowadays when I go to a place like KFC

MK_Red4080d ago

"a hooker with nothing to lose" Big lol. Good one. Bubbles for you. Loved the line and seems really true. Another big difference between Rubi (Wet) and Lara is their breat size.

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HeartlesskizZ4080d ago

funny initials, or is it the actual name? I was gettin ready with my


ShiftyLookingCow4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

** stupid comment eliminated **

Saint Sony4080d ago

Heh, that's like Heavenly Sword and Tomb Raider wannabe. Feels kinda corny and that slowed down animation was below the bar in some places.

Of course I hope this will be another great game.

Vojkan4080d ago

Does Tomb Raider needs to be "killed"? I thought that game was dead long time ago, since PS1 everything sucked to be precise.

"Tomb Raider killer" roll eyes

QuackPot4080d ago

Lara needs a massive makeover for next gen gaming.

I do miss the lass.

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The story is too old to be commented.