In Defense Of Ninja Theory’s DmC

Play Mag: Is it really so terrible that Ninja Theory has been brought in to develop and brand new take on the Devil May Cry franchise?

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Game-ur3134d ago

After playing the Enslaved demo I say yes. The gameplay was shit, now combined with shit style.

darkdoom30003134d ago

This game deserves the Sh!t it’s getting.

Redesgining such an iconic character like dante is just stupid. They’re alienating their existing fans by redesigning dante into a meth addict street punk. They’re just making dante appeal to the lowest common demoniator.

Also, Ninja theory? They’ve only made mediocore games. and from the looks of enslaved their games are still continuing that trend. They suck at combat systems. So I have no idea who the hell they’re gonna replicate the super tight, super fast DMC combat system.

DMC4 got low scores because of the repeating levels and bosses. Not because of the gameplay(which was indeed weaker than DMC3), Dante was one of the highlights of the game.

I do hope to god this is only a spinoff. Fans wanted DMC5. A reboot is innoying, but bareable. Redesigning dante? No-one asked for that! No-one wanted that!

IrishYamato3134d ago

After i saw that 'thing' that Dante has become, i got a little dizzy. I thought that i was going to get a nose bleed because of the wierdness/crapness/gayness/emo ness/fagness/stupidness/black hairness.
@ Ninja Theory
Look into my avatars eyes and just try to come up with a good enough excuse for turning his brother into a transfag emo freak.

The_Quiet_Man3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

DMC used to one of my favourite franchises (big hack & slash fan) till that infamous trailer was released. I can't believe Capcom have approved these new changes. Ninja Theory have ruined one of the best the characters in gaming, why the hell did they kill off Dante & replace him with Ernie the Emo? (no way is that Dante, in my opinion).

Wheres the Manga type art style gone? I've absolutely no interest in playing this version of DMC, it's a big kick in knackers for all DMC fans (I really hope it fails so the franchise can go back to it's roots).

This was my reaction on hearing the news of a new DMC (replace Pat with Capcom):<

AKissFromDaddy3134d ago

Have team up with Platinum Games because these guys are amazing. Or at least Team Ninja.

darkdoom30003133d ago

Well... the director of bayonetta created DMC. so it wouldn't out of the realm of possiblilty.

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