Let's Not Talk About The PSP2


During this year's Tokyo Game Show, I asked Sony Computer Entertainment exec Shuhei Yoshida about it.

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moparful993133d ago

Imagine a device of similar shape and size of an iPhone but about twice as thick. The entire front of the device is a beautiful lcd display that doubles as a touch screen with multi touch capabilities.. Now the screen of the unit slides similar to a droid to reveal the psp controls we know and love but with a second analog nub.If you flip the device over the back side of the screen houses the umd drive... Here's where it gets exciting. Thanks to a partnership with ericsson the psp2 is a smart phone. With 3g, internal memory, wifi, full data options and has the newest generation of walkman technology built in. We can call it the PSphone.. That, I can gurantee you would sell like mad..

IrishYamato3133d ago

I think the PSP2 is real, just not finished. Also, from the sound of this interview, Sony have not given up on digital distribution- 'it takes time for internet speed to go up' Shuhei Yoshida said. Hopefully they do DD and physical media at the same time. Its funny how Sony exect everyone to believe that there is no PSP2, especially since it would be dumb to not release one. Old tech, piracy and excellent competition have doomed the current PSP, but it does have a few heavy hitters left. I expect Agito Xiii to be the last big PSP title.

IrishYamato3133d ago

That sounds awesome BUT the UMD drive would be the death of it. A flash based media and 4G connectivity would make your idea perfect IMO.