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Now, in time with PlayStation Move arriving and a fourth Resident Evil movie in cinemas, Capcom have released the Gold Edition of Resident Evil 5. Obviously the main core of the game remains unchanged, but for those who haven’t had the opportunity to play RE5, the Gold Edition packs in a lot of extras with a great price tag.

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Red_Orange_Juice4517d ago

yea, PlayStation Move support, thats like 10% itself

nix4517d ago

i might pick this up along with Move. i was afraid of 'tank-like-response'.

morganfell4517d ago

It is worth it. I had RE5 and then traded it for the Gold Edition when that premiered. It had been on the shelf waiting on the Move launch. Like many gamers I find the B Control configuration preferable. It has been a blast and alters the dynamic of the game. And I find myself headshooting far more than my original play though.

nix4517d ago

sounds cool.. thanks mate!

8-bit4517d ago (Edited 4517d ago )

It is worth it. Move adds much to the gameplay and I actually prefer using move over the DS3 with this game. It is awesome.

@morganfell Same here, I like to play using the B control scheme and I also find myself getting a lot of head shots.

callahan094517d ago

Just bought this yesterday, will hopefully try it out later tonight but if I don't get the chance, then tomorrow.

RaymondM4517d ago

I like it, good stuff and I agree with pretty much everything. Although I still think part 4 was better

rekof4517d ago (Edited 4517d ago )

Resi 4 is better,..has more atmosphere,.. lol but I still have like 200hours on resi5,.. coop is so fun! and resi4 on the wii ,.. is so great,.. that fucking game,...(i have like 4 versions lol) is one of my favorite games of all time,.. (Demon's Souls beats it by a small margin,..)

Crapcom ,.. give us a patch for a standard version,.. WTF greedy bastards, is
costing you 0000000 fu u really FU CAPCOM ! So actually, we day 1 buyers are shit,.. fu,... damn you're making me hate my favorite game company,..

yakuzakazuya4517d ago

I was a bit disappointed with the Move control setup. It's like RE4 whereas I was hoping for a bounding box type of aiming like in Killzone 3. I wanted to use the Move to turn the camera and the character.

Fortunately I am enjoying Gladiator Duel using two Moves, I don't care much for RE5 anymore :)

Close_Second4517d ago (Edited 4517d ago )

...its not enough to make me revisit RE5 again.

I still remember the infected running full steam at you only to start moving slow when they get closer. Shooting the crap out of them and it does not even result in any visible damage yet alone a blood stain.

I would have been more excited to see an HD makeover of RE4.


With HD ports of PS2 games coming to PS3 more and more often, I can totally see it coming, and with Move support.

Panthers4517d ago

I liked RE5 more than 4, but I think that was just because the story was more linked to the main story line and had a lot more Wesker in it.

DigitalAnalog4517d ago

I'm sorry but....


-End statement

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