Microsoft Kinect: Epic Flail - The Pixel Enemy Podcast

Pixel Enemy writes: We made a meme! In this episode Mark, Dan, and Jay “The Captain” Barbosa talk about how their Sonic Riders clip has been turned into an internet meme, the effects Microsoft Kinect will have on the motion control market, the new Xbox 360 controller, and the price increase to Xbox LIVE.

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gamesR4fun3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

bound to get some hits

guess ill give it a listen since im here XD

wow done b4 the edit ran up short but sweet gj keepin it real n yeh paying for live does make one feel a bit "dirty" but like ya said no choice if you own a box n want to play it.

SilentNegotiator3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Getting rid of the colors on the buttons is an epic flail.
Even after having my 360 for like, 3 or so years, I STILL color coordinate with the buttons.
The colors probably just cost 2 cents more, so obviously they have to go, lol.

As is increasing LIVE while still not better actual gameplay in any way. Epic flail.

Megaton3136d ago

I don't understand the color thing either. Gonna have all these games with QTEs and whatnot with colored buttons and a controller without.

SilentNegotiator3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Exactly. A bunch of games have all of these things already setup, and now they're ditching the colors? Heck, I know at least one or two titles even have sequences where you have to press the button by the color alone. They may as well change the letters as well, lol.

"...while still not betterING actual gameplay..."
Sheesh. Sometimes I read back what I have typed and worry that I'm dyslexic or something.

kndy3136d ago

the controllers are more for the hardcore players out their, imo.
the people i hear complaining about the d pad are mostly fighting game players (like myself... and my win ratio :p) and people that just want more precision in general so i doubt that all the people who pick up a copy of lego harry potter really give enough shits to shell out the money for a shiny new controller

personally i think the controller's new classy look is pretty badass... not 65 dollars worth of badass but i wouldn't mind wrapping my hands around one. i just wanna give that thingy a spin

el zorro3136d ago

If you have played the 360 any amount at all and still don't know which buttons are which you have serious issues.

I don't need to look an an Xbox 360 controller to tell you that y is yellow and is the top (of the little diamond arrangement) X is blue and is to the bottom left, B is red and to the bottom right, and A is green and is at the very bottom.

If those buttons pop up on screen with the associated colors I instantly know which button to press on my controller without having to look down at my controller.

Are you honestly saying that you still have to look down at your controller when given button prompts in games?

Foliage3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

@ el zorro

I think part of the problem is that many gamers used to own a Dreamcast. Since the new 360 controller is a blatant Dreamcast controller ripoff, with a shitty dpad tacked on... the letters are all the same, and the only real difference is that although the colours are the same, they are in a different sequence on the 360. It just screws with anyone who spent some time on the Dreamcast.

These days the Dreamcast is probably being played as often as the 360, so it is a major concern. I think the Dreamcast might even have the same amount of quality exclusives coming out in the next few months/years as the 360. Sad really.

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cooperdnizzle3136d ago

Yea pretty funny! On topic fucking 360 man. They love to mess up on shit and keep remaking and make you buy new products that should have worked to begin with! I am just saying. If ya want to rip off people learn from them. They are laughing to the bank!

Apocalypse Shadow3136d ago

we have been over this already.but there is no justification for charging $10 dollars more.and there is definitely a reason why they announced it before halo reach's a plain old cash run.

every multiplatform game including call of duty,can be played for free on ps3.and mentioning ps+ when you aren't REQUIRED to have it to play games online was a fail on the xbox gamers.

psn is free.xbl is $60 dollars.take away multiplatform games and the only reason to pay $60 dollars is to play microsoft exclusives like halo,gears,forza etc.

is that a good enough reason?

as for kinect,gamers already know how i feel on could have done voice commands and gesture control using Vision Cam and a headset.but they are abandoning that camera like all their other hardware.and the new xbox 360 controller serves no purpose.and it was dumb of them to lose the color on the buttons.that's a fail.shades of gray?come on.

niceguywii603136d ago

Stop troll we know you will downplay anything related to the 360 all you do is troll with anti MSFT BS no one cares what PS3 fanboys care about in 360 articles

gta_manic3136d ago

The actually hurts

Biggest3136d ago

I was kinda hoping niceguywii60 would use his one comment to debate some of the points made against his beloved Xbox 360. I guess I will make like a Kinect supporter and keep hoping.


The Troll saying incoherences with 1 Bubble.

el zorro3136d ago

Apocalypse Shadow is an epic PS3 fanboy and I couldn't care less what he has to say about the 360 or its games.

amiga-man3136d ago

it dosn't matter what you think of apocalypse, you cant argue with what he says as its the truth.

MGRogue20173136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

... I won't be buying this Kinect.. I have my reasons & I shouldn't need to tell you why.

Oh, i got disagrees lol.. Okay,

~ The tech demostrations speak the truth.

I'll leave you with that. :)

Legacy_Killa3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Come on if kinect take's off and sell like 10mil in 1 month i give up on people all together lolz.

KingKiff3136d ago

with grammar like that sounds like you gave up long long ago lol...


On topic - I gave up on humanity years ago, millions of people will buy it and support it and it will sit collecting dust.

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