A quality HD projector for video games, finally. (video included)

A quick review of the Optoma G720, a projector made specifically with gamers in mind.

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TLG19913136d ago

nope never going to get a projector even if its some kind of new hd shit they are all terrible (compared to tvs)

soulraver3136d ago

My friends thought the same thing.. then came and saw my HD projector, 140" screen playing MW2, looks just as good as hdtv's... they all want one now too, their 50" tvs feel small compared to mine!

il-mouzer3136d ago

I've always wanted a Projector set up for my media room, I was always hesitant due to my lack of knowledge on the subject. I recently got a 32" TV screen by it's always used by my wife :( Any suggestions plox :D

Chris_TC3136d ago

"nope never going to get a projector even if its some kind of new hd shit they are all terrible (compared to tvs)"

That might just be the most ignorant and factually incorrect statement I've read this year.

gcolley3136d ago

my theory is - get a 3D projector. you won't use a projector all the time and you won't want 3D all the time but you will want 3D in a projector. Projection is the only way to go for 3D and 2D.

Projectors are better then TVs any day for games and movies.

Letros3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Are there any 1080p 3D projectors out?

blackmagic3136d ago

I guess if you had a cheap projector set up in a sunlit room on a yellow wall that statement would be true.

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Eiffel3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

It's over 10 minutes of MW2 gameplay and the quality of the video doesn't do this projector justice.

Could it have been so hard to record this from a side view in HD so we get a better depth of the quality this projector produces?

mzm1193136d ago

It's hard to do the projector "justice" when YouTube reduces the quality of video. I'll be glad to make a quick video from the side view a little later if that will make you feel better.

Eiffel3136d ago

You can simply record and upload a video in an high definition .mp4. Youtube won't compress it enough to make the difference to eye and screen much.

It would help.

mzm1193136d ago

If you click on the "watch video" link to the actual website, I changed the video to one I also took last night. It shows that the picture is coming from a projector (someone left a comment on the website questioning if it was actually a projector.).

I will take some video from the side, etc, tonight and let you know when it's up. The video was being compressed because it was straight from my iPhone. A friend just told me about the 720P app which will avoid the compression problem.

killcycle3136d ago

What a joke, in all honesty.

Any projector in the new Sony series even the VPL-BW7 displays better then that.

mzm1193136d ago

@Eiffel I just got done taking some more video for you. It'll be up on the article page in the next 20 minutes or so. i took some video with the lights on and then with the lights off. don't mind the mess as i have things temporarily strewn across the floor to use the projector.

Eiffel3135d ago

Looks really good, and thanks for responding and adding the videos. Most wouldn't care less for what one comment said. I may look into getting this, quality looks really good.

mzm1193135d ago

no problem.. i just have a blog for fun, so i just want other people to enjoy it as well.

i will warn you that the colors are a bit washed out when daylight is present and a little less so when lights in the room are on. as i said before, it's currently projecting on a painted wall so we'll see how it looks when i get around to getting/making an HD screen.

the pictures on my 1080P plasma are crisper but the picture for video games on the projector is very good and the ability to see so much more makes up for it. i love HD more than anything but can't imagine going back to only playing on regular tvs. good luck with your search!