A Brief History of Halo

A look back at the Halo legacy.

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BeOneWithTheGun3139d ago

My only gripe is that my 360 Slim 4GB can't play coop on Reach until that promised patch is released. Hurry up MS!

TrailerParkSupervisr3139d ago

doing the story says a lot, too.

Nihilism3138d ago

"and so it was that 5 re skinned enemies would be used throughout each game and their shields would change colour to indicate their strength, such was the innovation of the halo series"

Campy da Camper3139d ago

at that picture of the guy face-planted on his keyboard at the LAN party. Been there.

dead_eye3138d ago

red vs blue epic. it is a good series. halo 3 was is one of the games i miss not having a 360.

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