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Sports Champions' selection of events is definitely satisfying, with most of the game's diversions showing off not only an unexpected amount of depth, but also the accuracy of the Move controller.

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darkdoom30003135d ago

I was really suprised how deep sports champions was. I was dissapointed at there only being 6 sports, but they're suprisingly deep.

For each sport theres 3 cups + 1 unlockable cup(bronze, silver, gold, championship) With AI being improved and assists being removed when you go up cups. (no arrow guide in archery etc) for each cup theres 11 Matches.

10 characters, but 7 unlockables characters. If you complete a gold cup in an event, you'll get to face the unlockable character, defeat to unlock the character and championship. I assume the 7th character can be obtained by unlocking all other characters.

All characters have multiple outfits and equipment ( playing table tennis with a giant lollypop or a miniature tennis racquet.

It's a good multiplayer game, and a good solo game.

Marcus Fenix3134d ago

6 deep sports imo is better than having a larger number but shallow ones.

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Cryptech3134d ago

I'm addicted to ping pong. :-)

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dredgewalker3134d ago

Tried archery and I love it, though much less strain than actually drawing a bow and I do have an actual bow and arrow in my weapons collection.

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