GameOverThinker : Heavens to Metroid

Screw Attack's 'The Game Over Thinker' discusses the reaction to Metroid Other M's character development of Samus and examines reasons why these false assumptions were made.

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CoreGamer5047d ago

Amazing video,
a must watch by everyone still confused about Other's Samus.

Seekerofthewind5047d ago

Saw this coming. xD It's a good explanation, though. Considering I saw some of the GAF outrage over this...yeah, this was necessary. >.>;

Invader_Quirk5045d ago

That was a really really good video. He's right. It's all in your heads.

PlayerX5045d ago

Got to love the Game Overthinker

PS360WII5045d ago

Well said. Why can't Samus have human emotions after all

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bunt-custardly546d ago

Nioh games definitely up there at the top alongside Ninja Gaiden BLK.

LoveSpuds546d ago

There is a decent fan base for the Nioh games, but still think they are criminally overlooked and under appreciated.

I just bought the PS5 collection to replay them again with all their DLC, a sweet collection for my games shelf for sure.

deleted546d ago

Yea, those gardens haven't been plowed in over 10 years now though. Imagine if they cultivated it, let it grow again.

Starman69546d ago

Amazing what ya can do with a samurai sword lol 🤣

tehpees3546d ago

The honourable mention though.

TheSenorCheese546d ago

originally it wasn't going to be included because of their take on Samus' character. But the gameplay's actually not bad.

Vits545d ago

Honestly, I don't know if we can even blame them for that take. Nintendo's Sakamoto was credited as the writer and from what we learned later with the Retro Studios interviews for the Prime series, Nintendo apparently never saw Samus as this stoic badass that most of the west imagined her as. Going as far as describing her as "motherly".

shinoff2183546d ago

Ninja Gaiden was dope but I don't really care for alot of their games.

546d ago
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Reggie originally thought Metroid: Other M would be a "killer moment" for the series

Former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime reflects on Metroid: Other M and his initial high hopes for the game.

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NecrumOddBoy792d ago

Well it almost killed Metroid so…

PhillyDillyDee791d ago

Yeah we all loved how you took a stoic badass and turned her into a whiny shrew. All those writers should be sacked.

Terry_B791d ago

Sometimes, I doubt that Reggie was that great for Nintendo after all.