Why Metal Gear Solid Rising is actually Hideo Kojima’s surprise

GB writes: "Ok, I know a lot of you will actually disagree with me, but we at GamingBolt are huge Metal Gear Solid fans and just like any other MGS fan we too want a fifth game even though we would ideally want MGS4: Guns of the Patriots to be the last game in the saga."

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Vegeta90003134d ago

Gamingbolt doesn't stay updated on their news at all.

gameseveryday3134d ago

Dont make assumptions on title itself. The article means that even though Rising is announced and even though Kojima states that he is not involved with Rising, Rising might still be game that might be what Kojima is teasing all the way. The article does give some very conclusive points that Rising is indeed the game Kojima teases about but he just wont say it openly.

Read the article. You will understand.

Batzi3134d ago

Agreed. I like this analogy and yes anything is possible from Kojima as far as teasing is concerned. One thing I would like to point out here is that Rising have had 2 trailers out since it's announcement back in 2009 and none of these trailers featured story elements. That's weird. If he pulls off another MGS2 with Rising then this man is definitely the best teaser of all time in gaming history! Hopefully this article is true and we see Snake in a playable form with a decent awesome story! But somehow I highly doubt that :P

hay3134d ago

Yeah, Kojima must be involved in Rising. But some points he bases his "facts" aren't really true. Author lacks knowledge a bit about MGS universe.

Redrum0593134d ago

can someone just confirm ZOE3 with hard evidence and call it a day?

vsr3134d ago

Anyway xbox port is unnecessary and won't sell. But Konami can get some millions from Ms.

Bereaver3134d ago

Sorry for being off topic, but I think it needs to be pulled into consideration how similar Rashid Sayed and Batzi are posting.

Thank you.

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Christopher3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Reason #1: Peace Walker = Metal Gear Solid 5
Reason #4: Metal Gear Solid Rising = Metal Gear Solid 5

Do they know they just called two games the same one?


***Talk about contradictions. Rising’s Producer Shigenobu Matsuyama has earlier states not many characters from past MGS games will return in the game. Now at TGS 2010, he stated the opposite.***

Actually, he stated the exact same thing:

“I can’t tell you who they are at this stage, but I can confirm the number. It’s not just one person or one character, there’ll be maybe not so many, but they’ll be several characters that you know off from the MGS franchise that will make a return in MGS: Rising.”

He specifically say that there won't be many, but that some will return.

skrug3134d ago

"Rising takes place during a time when Snake has already started to age. It only seems obvious that the team at Kojima Productions will throw more light as to how all of a sudden he started ageing. In MGS4 it is not really clearly explained why he looks so old. The only reason they state is accelerated ageing, but no cause is given. "

Umm.. wasnt the cause because he was a clone? which was explained in MGS4.

CimmerianDrake3134d ago

When I saw that, I was like "did you even play the game?"

I don't remember how early in the game they explain it, but that is the exact explanation given.




Sorry about the All Caps, but I wanted to really emphasize that Snake's aging was already explained. Plus Rising isn't about Snake, it's about Raiden. It's more likely they'll explain how he became Cyborg Ninja 2.0

UltimateIdiot9113134d ago

Yes, it's because they want to prevent others from obtain Snake's gene and also as a safety mechanism. They alter the gene to make sure he grows up.

Brklynty13134d ago

im like wtf im pretty sure i spent like a hr listen to Naomi explain why hes aging so fast or was that 10 mins of wasted life? XD

DatNJDom813133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

because these guys know exactly what Kojima is thinking. They programmed him.

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gameseveryday3134d ago

@ Batzi

Absolutely yes, taking the facts in to consideration I dont see Kojima announcing a new a MGS game. Konami just wont allow that since it wont make them money. I have question..If Kojima does make a new MGS...then what MGS will you buy?

MGS: Rising by a younger team or MGS by Kojima, a legend. Rising will flop commercially if Kojima makes a new MGS along with Rising. Konami wont let that happen and neither will Kojima. So we have two conditions:

1. Kojima does not make a new MGS
2. He goes and lead the team at Rising but teases the public that he is not involved it. As we all know he is the EMPEROR of teasing.

Batzi3134d ago

I take both :P I love Metal Gear, so more Metal Gears for me is always great! :D

However to be more realistic, I think the second one is true. :D I don't know if you have noticed but during the demo of the cuttings at the Konami booth, Kojima was there present on stage. This means he is involved in some form or another. We just don't know how deeply he is involved.

Gilliand3134d ago

It's not like they would release at the same time.

Hoje03083134d ago

That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Why would Konami sacrifice sales by letting people think that Kojima isn't involved if he actually is? The reason is that he really isn't that involved. Go back to his statements when the game was announced, as everything that has followed since has been damage control.
OT: Poorly written article that uses its own assumptions to prove the validity of other assumptions, which are then presented as facts. Anyone who can't see through the terrible logic on display is an idiot.

Baka-akaB3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

you made very little sense to me

1 . Metal gear fans got no issue buying spin offs as shown on psp .

2 . Nothing prevents kojima from making a new mgs if he wants , that wouldnt be released at all near rising . Konami refusing to do a new mgs would actually cost them so very much needed money .

3. Kojima's involvement seems pretty clear , he is an overseer of the whole mg verse obviously but does not develop that game . He is probably as much involved , if not more into Castlevania than rising .
Of course he'd be there to promote the game regardless of his involvement .

4. Like the others pointed out , it is merely an opinion piece with no actual info on the matter .

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BaKon3134d ago

I hate his teasers, i mean remember that Rising teaser with the lightning? every one thought its MGS5, and boom, Microsoft and Rising, sigh...Kojima =D

HDgamer3134d ago

When kojima tease he does it right. MGS Rising, this has been the disappointment of teasers. The actual creator of this game don't know what he wants to do with the game.

DJKGBYF3134d ago

It's going to be Policenauts, I can feel it.

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