Greenberg calls PlayStation Move software into question

Microsoft product director Aaron Greenberg has questioned the launch software line-up for PlayStation Move - claiming that most games for the device are merely modified "controller-based" titles.

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MGRogue20174754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

Well done, Good sir! Bubbles for you!! :D

I like to move it, move it as well :P

nveenio4754d ago

Agreed. Move is a blast.

Redrum0594754d ago

Kinect is set to release on Nov4. That's pretty stupid seeing it well get overshadowed by the much anticipated launch of GT5 this Nov2.

zootang4754d ago

I thought Microsoft don't stoop to this level?


hay4754d ago

That's some really desperate spin right there.
There's just so many reasons he's wrong I'm not even gonna list them...

mikeslemonade4754d ago

Poor Microsoft and their knit-picking. If I was a MS fanboy I would have trouble defending the 360 ahahahaha.

darthv724754d ago

The move is an alternate control scheme and not a required one. That will change at some point as I am sure sony will want to have some dedicated Move ONLY titles. By that, you will not be able to play them any other way.

Sony knows they cant all of a sudden abandon the DS3 control because that is the main control focus for the system. Unlike Nintendo who's wiimote is used for EVERY title made for the wii. Maybe not fully supported but there are wiimote traces built in to each game.

Kinect on the other hand, that one will have Kinect ONLY titles. Maybe there will come a time where they will have combo games using the kinect and controller but for now....its all about the gesture based games.

I feel that both move and kinect will play an even BIGGER role in their next platforms. Possibly being the focal point to the controls right out of the box. It also wouldnt surprise me if Sony were to integrate move in things other than games. Maybe even have it as the remote of the future for their Bravia sets.

This is just the beginning.

Shadow Flare4754d ago

Aaron Greenberg, the pot calling the kettle black

What games does kinect have to offer at launch? Shovelware and nothin for the core gamer

sikbeta4754d ago

*sigh* .... *says the guy that try to sell kinectimals*

rdgneoz34754d ago

@darthv72 if they ever do games using both Kinect & a controller, it will defeat the whole idea of Kinect, "You are the controller". Then its basically the same as Move and Wii just about, which they're trying to differentiate themselves from.

CyberCam4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

I see your point. IMO, the additional controller scheme approach is the best implementation of motion controller because it eases players into the technology (especially in mid console cycle) and prepares them for the next-gen of motion controls.

There's nothing like drastically forcing people to into a new technology, you have a 50/50 chance of success (Bluray & HD DVD). Nintendo was the exception because it was new tech & such a novelty that everyone bought one, just to try it out. However, most hardcore gamers quickly realized that wasn't that great for their brand of games (in most cases).

Choice is always a good thing for the consumer!

Imperator4754d ago

So instead of giving you OPTIONS, MS would rather just force it on you? LOL, yea I'll stick with Sony's approach.

Ju4754d ago

@darthv72 What are you talking about? Sports Champion is Move only and does not work with a controller.

Others give you options, but Move only games are already here. Greenberg is a douche. Blubbing some crap to get recognized.

There will be as many "Move Only" games as Kinect only games (if not more) PLUS (!) the ones giving you options for either move or the controller.

darthv724754d ago

to those who are able to understand what i am saying. People so quick to hit the disagree are obviously seeing what they want instead of what is being said.

Move is a great option for sony and for it to really succeed they need to create the necessity for it. Just making it an option isnt enough. They really need to capitalize on what it could do.

Incentives in games that no DS3 could achieve. What greenburg is saying about the current titles on the market is somewhat true. They are existing games being patched for move as an alternate control type. Sports champions..yes there is 1 game that requires the move but then again it COMES with the move bundle.

I am really looking forward to what sony can do beyond an alternate control for LBP or KZ2. I am not downing move at all. Please understand that I (like many of you) would like to see the realization of what sony has in mind come to fruition instead of seeing it turn into another wii clone.

Quality of games are what sets it apart from the wii but unless sony comes out with some sort of quality control I fear titles COULD end up with tacked on motion support like what has happened with wii.

PSFan1004754d ago

Pew pewwww. Greenberg needs to look at kinects software first, because waving your hands in the air and stopping red balls (with lag) is the game EVERYONE wants!

Anarki4754d ago

So none of the games they designed for Kinect where ever done with eyetoy?

headwing454753d ago

What you're saying is that Sony needs to make games that can't be done with a controller, and that MR. Grennburg is right because all there kinect games cannot be done with a controller, but I don't think that makes Kinect 'better,' I think if anything, it cripples them. Sony has a choice to patch games that can use both DS3 and MOVE (RE5, Heavy Rain) or make totally new games that can't be done without a controller (Tumble, Start the party, Sorcery.) The move controller really gives sony the opportunity to pretty much create any game they want, were as to microsoft, I don't think there able to achieve that just yet.

shadow27974753d ago

Which is precisely why I prefer Move to Kinect. I want to be able to play games I like in a brand new way (a la Killzone 3 or Heavy Rain). That's the brilliance of it.

Playing "modified" controller games beats the hell out of talking to little boys and jumping around all over the place.

moparful994753d ago

@darthv72 One need only looke at titles like echochrome ii to see just how much of a brilliant idea that move is. In echochrome 2 the wand doubles as a sort of flashlight and the objective is to change the perspective of the light to alter shadows. This is simply brilliant and something that just cant be done using traditional controllers. Sony has given consumers "CHOICE" just like they have always done. With move you arent forced to use move with every game. I've already 100% completed re5 and now that move is here I have incentive to go back and play a game that I stopped playing nearly a year ago.. Thats powerful marketing no matter how you spin it. Ohh and intial reports are that retailers cannot keep up with the demand of move far surpassing sony's own expectations of sales.. This thing is a hit..

outrageous4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

If you care about those bubbles of yours you should refrain from posting any posts that agree with M$ position...even on a M$ based thread.

On Topic...Greenberg is right of course...it's common sense. The games have to be designed from the ground up to work with whatever controller was envisioned. Sony doesn't care, just patch it in there and tell them it's hardcore even if it doesn't work...like shoving your Sony Move towards the TV to pick up a weapon while your being shot at in KZ or add aiming assist to make up for the impossible to steady aiming reticule...stuff like that.

Kinect games will be unique because they will be built to use the unique capabilities built in to Kinect. The next wave of Kinect games will impress and be custom to the Kinect experience.

likedamaster4753d ago

This one always makes me laugh... http://www.youtube.com/watc...

But the author of this article is trolling. Well, anything for hits I guess.

WLPowell4753d ago

the games at launch for kinect were eyetoy games, and remember what happened last time sony made a game this gen that was only playable with motion control? (You know, didn't give you a choice?) The game was called "Lair" and the reviewers just refused to give the game a fair shake, just because of that approach. Sony patched the game so it's now playable by normal means, but oh no, the game is still crap in their eyes (even though it was never THAT bad to begin with, now since the patch the game is a solid 8.)

Now since M$ is doing the same thing, with even less impressive software than even Lair, I'm sure we will see plenty of reviews being completely impartial and giving Kinect's crap the same treatment./s

avengers19784753d ago

And we care what this person thinks about it why?
Since the Move is alot more successful then everyone thought it would be MS is doing some serious damage control.
And Kinect is basically trying to do the same thing that move is doing just in a different manor.

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hakis864754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

Or anything from Greenberg, really.

Edit: Bubble for Kain81 ;D

fr0sty4754d ago

he's basically admitting that kinect isn't versatile enough to be able to be ported to existing games. he's trying to make one of move's strengths look like a weakness. hilarious.

MariaHelFutura4754d ago

MariaHelFutura calls Greenbergs sanity into question.

1:1 is for real and Kinect has ALOT to prove.

Godmars2904754d ago

Just because its likely going to need a few months after launch to prove itself? Deliver on promises made two years ago?

Do in fact what Move and the PSeye are already doing?

Theoneneo814754d ago

Dear Greenburg F*ck you. oh and if you wanna question software how about this http://www.gametrailers.com...

hmouzy4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

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hmouzy4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

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