TGS: Valkyria Chronicles III Hands-On [RPG Site]

RPG Site takes on the second Valkyria Chronicles to hit the PSP on the show floor at Tokyo Game Show 2010 to see what's changed in this latest PSP sequel.

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borisfett3138d ago

I want to play this, but I still haven't picked up the second one... or finished the first one! ¬_¬

frjoethesecond3138d ago

I got my psp just to play the second one. It was worth it.

MrWonderful3138d ago

im going to get the new god of war bundle one

kurisub3138d ago

I got my copy of VC1 from Amazon for free with my 20 dollar game credit, but I haven't even opened it yet! Don't get my wrong, I loved the demo and am looking forward to it, but I have too many other games I need to get around to finishing first. If SEGA would just patch in trophy support I might be more motivated.

I just got a PSP as well and enjoyed the demo for 2, so eventually I'll get around to all 3 of them some day.

Djinn3138d ago

Who cares about this game. Its not on the PS3. Stupid fucking Sega. D:

BlackBusterCritic3138d ago

I'm playing the second one right now, and its one of the best games I've played all year. Valkyria Chronicles doesn't need to be on PS3, its perfectly fine on PSP. It plays exactly as it did on the PS3, but this sequel is HIGHLY SUPERIOR to the first game. You have no clue what you're missing.

Aggesan3137d ago

I agree with you on that it's one of the best games this year and that the series doesn't need to be on the PS3, but NOT on that it would be superior the first game. I would say that the actual gameplay is on an equal level, or just a tad better, than in the first game, but the story and character library is a lot weaker. On an overall level I would give them both a 9/10, but the first VC is still my favourite. That has nothing to do with it being on PS3 though, as I think the PSP handled the whole game concept very well.

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