Killzone 3: PlayStation Move Footage Emerged

A brand new TGS gameplay video of Killzone 3 shows PlayStation Move footage.

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Kamikaze1353133d ago

Was it confirmed or not if we can play on mechs online?

Kamikaze1353133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

That's single player mode....

morganfell3133d ago

I know but he asked if mechs were confirmed for Multiplayer and they have been by the dev team.

I gave him a direct link to the video in the article. If you have been a round N4G then you know what a pain it is when these Deutsch sites use JW player. The confirmation isn't in the video - that isn't what I was saying.

WildArmed3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Yeah it's confirmed.

Too lazy to find link D:
But what morgan said!


OK i lied, I'm not too lazy.

On a side note:
That guy was standing there with his mouth open the whole time.. think he liked it? ;)

Mr Tretton3132d ago

that was awesome when the jetpack Hig went flying up perpetually.