WreckedGamer's EyePet Review

Let’s first start by saying you will never has as much fun with a cute, cuddly, and furry bastard like you will with EyePet.

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Narutone663138d ago

score. Better than having a real pet if you live in an apartment where having a real pet is not allowed.

WildArmed3138d ago

That's like saying it's better than nothing..
because technically you can't have a pet (since the apartment doesn't allow pets) so you really have nothing.. until you get eyepet :D

But I get what you mean ^_^

I havn't got my move controller yet
*shakes fist @*
Oh.. it's the weekend >.<

Denethor_II3138d ago

I can see children really liking this, well done to Sony for catering for the little guys.