Could the Wii fail?

That's GamingNexus is asking today. Nintendo has the most positive hype going into the launch of their system right now but that could change if they overlook certain things and don't execute. The article covers the Pricing, Virtual Console, Third Party Support, Wifi Connection, and Marketing of the system.

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wakkiwakko5391d ago

I like this article. It's based on speculation alone and it gives us insight on what we should be really thinking/worried about.

Half the things mentioned that could go totally wrong have been fixed ages ago. Just not yet announced. Wait till September. ;)

Marketing itself could be a tremendous problem for Nintendo. They’re still doing the ‘dorky’ way of advertising. But it works.

The more overboard they go the more natural it will feel when you play the game. I’ve let my self go playing several games. I looked like an absolute nut screaming into my headset yelling profound racial slurs at all my opponents.

It’s fun. I know I’m going to go insanely crazy playing wii-sports: golf. I might even break that virtual club and scream at my opponents as they… concentrate. Beats playing mini golf in the rain. Hah.

Wii Sports will indubitably come free with the system as it is now a polished tech demo. :D I know I’ll wait till I pick up further titles after I pick up the wii. I need money :(

specialguest5391d ago (Edited 5391d ago )

damn, that's a lot of pages for me to sneak a read at work. suppose they get 20-25% of the console sales market and end up in 3rd place, while PS3 and 360 split the other percent which ever way. i wouldn't call that a "nail in the coffin" failure at all.

wakkiwakko5391d ago

Not at all.

But the main thing here is that X360 gamers and even PS3 gamers have openly admitted that the wii could eventually become their secondary console. So in the long run while Wii appears as the third place winner, it could end up being on top with almost every gamer household owning the console.

But even if that isn’t the case, 20-30% of the market isn’t bad at all. It’s good enough. Even if wii does fail, they can easily get back on the DS to support them. But I don’t think the Wii will fail. I just don’t see it in my crystal ball. Neither will ps3. Blu-ray will fail. Tremendously. But games for PS3 won’t stop coming. UMD format has failed, but PSP games are still in development. More now than ever. Just not movies.

So even is BLUray fails as a movie format it’s still great for video games.

Nintendo has nothing to be worried about. If Wii fails then they’ll just stop trying to win back the console market and improve upon the handheld market until they’re completely ready.

johnrichardandrew5391d ago

The Wii sells itself when it comes to marketting and whilst Nintendo's name has weakened in the past decade it still has punch- my 48 year old mother bought a Nintendo DS yesterday solely for the brain trainer game.

Nintendo needs good games that really utilise the system's capabilities, at the moment it's not quite there, Mario Galaxy looks ok but could *mainly* be done using a standard controller and games like Red Steel won't have huge pulling power unless seen.

There are unique titles like the Wii Tennis demoed at E3 which really work for this console, they just need to focus on that, sure keeping franchises alive is important but more needs to be done to pull in a wide audience, sure the premise of the console helps but it hasn't got a brain game yet.

deathtok5391d ago

I'm glad that someone finally posed the question.

I'm intrigued by the Wii but it has potential to tank more than another other console. I just think I could get sick of waving a remote around to play games sooner rather than later.

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The story is too old to be commented.