Pokémon fansites served with copyright infringement notices

Copyright infringement notices have been received by webmasters of several popular Pokémon fansites, in regards to content relating to Pokémon Black and White versions.

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Kamikaze1353931d ago

The letters are fake. Might as well start issuing out letters to Youtube, and the countless other gaming sites to remove videos and images of unreleased games. The content posted on these sites aren't even "leaked" images and videos (at least now they aren't, lol).

Archaic3931d ago

Having actually seen the email and PDF that Joe "Serebii" Merrick received...if they're fake, they're the most awesome magnificent fake I've ever seen.

ExcelKnight3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

Yep, apparently they're very much real. The notices are going out to more and more people, as per Bulbagarden's facebook update on the matter.
Related Twitter update confirming it's actually them:

Quoting the update:
"An update on the copyright infringement situation. Following a post from WPM made on the Bulbagarden forums, we are now confident in stating that the notices are legitimate, this is no hoax. The only sites we know to have received notices at this point are PokeBeach and Serebii. PokExperto is expected to get one, but we've got no confirmation on that as of yet. Bulbagarden has NOT received one."

Quoting a Bulbagarden reply to a commenter:
"The letter was not from "Nintendo". It was from the work email of a lawyer known for working with IP, who works for the legal firm which is known to work for Nintendo. All the contact details in the email matched to the contact details give...n on the website, with the exception of the cell phone number (which wasn't on the website). WPM contacted this lawyer on both the landline and the cell phone, and was able to confirm it was the same person. We have seen the notification that Serebii got. We're 100% convinced following WPM's testimony now that this is legitimate."

Christopher3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

There are a few grammatical errors in the letter posted on the site.

They may not be fake, but they certainly aren't something a lawyer should be sending out as legal documents, IMHO.

I do have a problem with them both telling you to remove the information _and_ contacting your hosting company to shut your site down at the same time.

I also question what content you would have posted that wasn't publicly made available or given to you by Nintendo for public posting. I've been out of the whole fansite game since 2005, but we never posted this sort of material unless we knew it was legit.

Archaic3930d ago

In the interests of full disclosure, a quick FYI for you there ExcelKnight...that's me you're quoting. I'm the Bulbagarden webmaster. I also am the Site Manager of AnimeShinbun, which also gives me mod powers here on N4G.

KratosGirI3931d ago

This reminds me of the whole Tommy Wiseau and Nostalgia Critic thing.

SilentNegotiator3931d ago

Sheesh, Nintendo. Always nipping fans in the butt when they make a fansite or fangame.

Archaic3931d ago

Actually, this would be a dramatic departure from how they've dealt with us Pokémon fansites in the past. They've only ever gone full force against one webmaster before really. They haven't even hit the sites torrenting only Pokémon stuff.

Theonik3930d ago

Reggie must be pissed.

hatchimatchi3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

That is so stupid. I could understand if they were making fangames or ripping the rom but it's freaking video and pictures. What's the harm in that?

Also, comes to mind. Have they ever been in trouble, they have artbooks, dvds, translations, all kinds of fan stuff that doesn't seem to be attacked by nintendo's lawyers.

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The story is too old to be commented.