Nine States Oppose California In Supreme Court Games Case

9 States oppose the law for banning violent video games.

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TrailerParkSupervisr3004d ago

Not even taking into consideration our 1st Amendment rights, we are bombarded with movies full of gratuitous violence on a daily basis. Also, the media shoves bite sized tragedy clips at us like they are going out of style.

Video games are an outlet for 99.9% of people. We play to unwind, have fun, socialize and make ourselves a new world for a few hours when we are sick and tired of the current one we live in. I understand that little Jimmy from Jersey might have some "this is just pretend" issues but that to me is a parent issue. Just like anything else. Kids shouldn't play with guns, knives, rocket launchers, etc. If parents did their job this would be a non-issue.

gcolley3003d ago

imagine the movie capital of the world banning violent movies. now that would be news