Playstation Move Demo Show Live

[email protected] writes: Welcome to our Live Playstation Move stream where we go in depth with the control and features it provides.


Thanks for coming to check us out, to see more tune in next week and be sure to comment on our site for any game requests you might have for our next broadcast.

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IRetrouk2975d ago

iv already been in depth with move, iv had it from friday, awsume aint it.

Shadow Flare2975d ago

yes, yes it is

brought it round a friends house and had a 4 player game of sports champions the other day. It wicked. Had really good fun on that bocce game. And disc golf. They all work perfectly. No waggling, no flicking, you play it properly, its awesome. And alot of fun

IRetrouk2975d ago

im addicted to archery and disc golf, cant stop playing them, very fun, and like you say its not gesture based, you use the actions that you would use if you were really doing it.

dragon822975d ago

I am loving the MOVE so far. I have Heavy Rain, MAG, Tiger Woods 11, Sports Champions, High Velocity Bowling, Planet Mini Golf and Pain. All that are already patched are really fun with MOVE. I can't wait for the rest to be patched soon.

I also ordered RE5:Gold and it should be here tomorrow. I am really looking forward to trying the new controls for it. I just hate the fact that I had to buy it for a second time just to use MOVE.

doG_beLIEfs2975d ago

Is high velocity bowling, pain, and planet mini golf patched for move?

appreciate your answer

YoshiMeetsU2975d ago

I have a question as well.

On High Velocity Bowling is there a Move patch or are they really going to make me buy the game again to have Move support? Wondering the same about Heavy Rain..


8-bit2975d ago

Heavy Rain patch is said to be Sept 22nd. MAG patch is said to be in a couple weeks (No date yet) The patches are free to, you don't have to buy the game again.

RE5 had it's free patch already but it is only for the Gold Edition of RE5.

Apocalypse Shadow2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

bowling,pain and heavy rain are scheduled to be patched by october.

i think they didn't want to hit us all at once and wanted to sell some disc games.

GuruStarr782975d ago

The Demo for "The Shoot" is pretty fun.....I can see how this is going to benefit the FPS genre BIG TIME....especially for Killzone and hopefully Resistance 3.......I can't wait to get my hands on "the Fight" too!

"The Shoot" is a real basic shooting gallery game, its fun, but it's on-rails, but it gives a good idea as to how the move is going to be implemented in the Triple A FPSs'

Kurisu2975d ago

I'm ;_; because I have no money to buy Move! Completely skint. I'm downloading all the demos though for when I can afford it at the end of the month. Can't wait to try out all the demos :)

IRetrouk2975d ago

think of it this way, you know your getting it at the end of the month, but you also know how well it works so in turn you know that your not wasting money cause move works as advertised, unlike other motion controllers

Kurisu2975d ago

I just seen it advertised again on TV though and now I want it even more lol. I have a Wii but I haven't used it in a while, so I'll be looking forward to really testing out the accuracy of the Move.

2975d ago
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