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liveActionLeveler3662d ago

was only a matter of time, but for a regular gamer there's really no point, since emulators designed for ps3 are popping up everywhere.

alien6263661d ago

yea but didnt the new firmware killed this? if it did then only people who dont upgrade will have a hacked ps3 but they cant play online. not many ps3 will b hacked compare to xbox

thor3661d ago

Yeah it did. Meaning that if you want to get other OS you need to have a previous version of the firmware, whereas before you needed... a previous version of the firmware.

zeeshan3661d ago

Apparently, hackers are working hard on having the ability to run previous firmwares on PS3 on USB. Though they haven't even touched the lvl1 security layer but if they do manage to do that (run 3.15 off USB) then they will be able to use GEOHOTZ linux exploit to get to lvl1 and get write access as well. Again, as long as they stick to 3.41, there can't be much of a piracy but if they somehow crack open lvl1 then all hell will break loose.

evrfighter3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

if you were a ps3 owner in the know and had more than just a ps3 for your online needs. You didn't upgrade your firmware.

Once these guys start popping out features for jailbroken ps3's. those that didn't update will suddenly find that they own prime ebay property.

Even the ones on their high horse here will be bidding for them.

atticus143661d ago

This is a great day, for the 5 people who care.

Schobeleth3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Failed to mention that other OS isn't even running. Anyway, I'm seriously getting tired of all this homebrew and hacking BS, I wish N4G would ban these stories. From now on I'm reporting every one of these turds that comes through, you should all do the same otherwise we'll constantly be getting posts of every tiny little thing they think they've achieved, like it's something awesome to continually break down a console's OS, paving the way to complete piracy.

@ The disagrees, thanks you moronic trolls. You can argue up and down that homebrew is so great, that it's not related to piracy at all but the more you pathetic imbeciles promote this crap the more it garners attention and the more widespread of a problem it will be. More people will be tempted to pirate games as it becomes readily available and developers take less risks, make less new IPs.

Piracy is STEALING, just because it's digital and you're not actually physically taking something doesn't mean you can somehow warp your actions to suit your morality.

wicko3661d ago

People don't agree with you and that means they are moronic trolls? Well then. Not that I'm saying I disagree entirely, but I don't agree entirely either. If people start submitting how-to articles about pirating games then I'd say those should be reported, but something like this? I think it's okay, considering it's only about re-enabling a feature we've had in the past, and one that doesn't have anything to do with piracy.

And, as a matter of fact, piracy is not stealing, no matter how you spin it. Piracy is copyright infringement, end of story. 2 different crimes, 2 different punishments.

danielle0073661d ago

And why are you taking hacker articles so personally? ..

... did one of them touch you inappropriately?

sack_boi3661d ago

Hackers are hurting Daddy Sony. Even though they're just giving you features Daddy Sony took away from you.

r1sh123661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

How many songs or albums do you pay for?
Even listening to them on youtube from an unofficial artist page is the same.

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PSFan1003661d ago

I see nothing, other then a very blurry video, which could EASILY be faked. People saying "They are hacking the hell out of the PS3." is rubbish, no one has hacked anything major or really anything minor. Just claims from little script kiddies.

GrandTheftZamboni3661d ago

It's hard for me to believe such claims too, especially the ones about enabling PS2 backward compatibility. Why would Sony include PS2 chip in first models, if few hackers with limited resources "can" do it by hacking the system with PS3 chip.

Christopher3661d ago

Wait, they got it to SHOW ON THE XMB, which just takes editing an XML file... and yet didn't get squat to run as far as an actual OtherOS?



Seriously, the word hack is so muddied that me typing this comment could be considered as hacking N4G by the standards people have today.

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Anton Chigurh3662d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

They are hacking the hell out of the PS3.

morganfell3661d ago

It is for all intensive purposes a non operational PS3. No connectivity to PSN.

Biggest3661d ago

Anyone can do this same thing by retoring their fat PS3 to its factory settings. Nothing to see here but someone that thinks pretending makes them cooler.

MGRogue20173661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Oh shi... I wonder what Sony is going to think when they see this??

Sony: "... Wha? ... How? omg, those B**tards!! >:( .. what else can we do to stop these people from doing this to us?? we are only Human, ffs!! :( "

I seriously think that Sony should just give up.. Hackers will always win 24/7, no matter what.

gta_manic3661d ago

i thought 1 bubbles had good trolling, guess i was wrong

TheColbertinator3661d ago

And done.PS3 truly 100% hacked.Its over Sony,stop focusing on security firmwares now.Just move on

LeShin3661d ago

After what happened when the game devs got pissed that the psp got hacked and stopped making games for it. Don't think Sony wants a repeat of this.

Hackers make me laugh though, why got to all the trouble to enable features everyone who has a PC has had for years? Just to say it could be done? Pathetic.

HDgamer3661d ago

Then why in the hell is the new FW unhackable and still it's not a hardware hack?

Roonie3661d ago

thats why the hackers are stuck at the old firmware because their Hack got block in a snap by Sony.

FAGOL3661d ago

ps3 getting raped - I want to get these homebrew applications but is it worth the risk? I wan't to play on psn still and I have no intention to download pirated games. I mean you gotta be living in Japan to download a 50gb game.

TheMART3661d ago

First, get a 2nd PS3 and use one for homebrew, simple as that.

And living in Japan to dl 50GB? Maybe USA has sh!tty 3rd world country internet connections...

In The Netherlands, we have 20Mbit for 20 Euro. Oh and most PS3 games are DL-DVD size with the exception of some PS3 exclusives.

"Dellis + 15m ago
Next step Custom Firmwares!
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raztad + 10m ago
It is not happening. They first need to hack 3.42+ first."

CFW loading from USB will be possible, watch the picture...

wissam3661d ago

WOW. you are a fortune teller.