Bit-tramp: PlayStation Move Review

Bit-tramp writes: "Ten years later, Sony finally get their handheld motion control ideas out into production."

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MultiConsoleGamer2978d ago

I think this device has tremendous potential. I played it for so long at launch night that I think I have tennis elbow.

Rainstorm812978d ago

I agree, i got it on friday and im very not the biggest fan of motion gaming but Move has me hooked.... cant wait for more core games......(loving disc golf)

Now IF Kinect is a pleasant surprise ..... that could be the beginning of the end for the Wii......but that is a big if

Archdemon2978d ago

I bought 2 Move and 2 Nav controllers.

Was not expecting the kind of accuracy I got. I have pain in my shoulder from playing the Gladiator game in sports champions because I have to actually attack from different angles all the time. No flickering or waggeling at all.

Even got my girlfriend in to gaming and we're having a blast. Best gadget of 2010?

Rainstorm812978d ago

i agree my girl hates Gaming but loves move..... Im sure she would like the Wii as well but Ninty dosent have enough to keep me interested...

I think Move adds even more versatility to PS3's line-up

fooltheman2978d ago

I have also pain...
move'd too much lol

hakis862978d ago

My whole upper body is hurting from playing the hell out of Gladiators yesterday, lol :P

Rainstorm812978d ago

Are you that much of a loser that other peoples' enjoyment of a product they paid hard earned money for causes you anguish????

Kinect comes out in a mere 2 months......Be patient or GTFO.....

Face it Move is good, people are going to enjoy it....Get a Life buddy

theKiller2978d ago

then either u would hate N4G and leave, or u would have heart problems!!

there are many fanboys in here that logic doesnt apply to them!!!

remember adulf hitler thought he was right!! so does these fanboys that support their product blindly!!! they think they have an identity when they belong to a group since most children these dont have any identities except what the media tells them!! also their parents are not good parents and doesnt teach them how to be good children with discipline!!

hunter212978d ago

its a good device but for now the games are not that good. but time will tell.


The only games that are not good are:
Kung Fu Rider
Start the Party (if you play alone)

ChozenWoan2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

They could make that an online fighting game or a MMO and I'd be one happy gamer for a year.

bennygunner2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

another good score. i just saw the price of kinetic in a magazine now. for a little extra you could buy a ps3 bundle. for even less a 360 slim bundle.

SexyPrawns2978d ago

Absolutely LOVING Move!

To those who are getting hurt:

Me too. Haha. Gladiator Duel is killing my right arm! I haven't been using a good technique though. I watched Tae Bo years ago...and Billy taught me how to hit. You shouldn't extend your arm all the way. The muscles can't take it. Watch boxing. Unless the fighter is going in for the kill, he/she won't fully extend his/her arm.

Also...ten hours straight of Move hurts, no matter what. ^_^

It's so awesome!

Matthew942978d ago

10 hours straight? jeez get a life

Denethor_II2978d ago

Says the nerd with a Star Trek Avatar, lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.