PS3 Move Starter, Controller launch sales in top three

Launch sales for Sony Corp.’s Playstation Move Starter Bundle and the Playstation Move controller for the Playstation 3 ranked in the top three at this week amid strong initial demand for the SKUs.

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WildArmed2979d ago

Good to see Move do so well.
I'm pretty excited for my Move to be shipped!

ndibu2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

However, as great as percentages are, the real numbers tell the full story. Its in the top 3, thats awesome, but how many units are we talking?

Dance2979d ago

how many units indeed

Triella2979d ago

Don't know how many units have been sold but one thing's for sure, where I live Move, navigation controller sold separately, and Eypet bundles (game + Cam) are sold out everywhere, all the shops mark it as bestseller items. As for starter packs and PSEye there are still available. That tells me that it's primarily PS3 owners that have rushed to get the Move. Sony is smart to wait just a few weeks more before starting to advertise it, when the campain will start, casuals will already have heard how great it is by word-of-mouth and maybe even already tried it out.

BornToKill2979d ago

they're not selling it in stores yet are they?

Kyur4ThePain2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

I went to a Target, Walmart and 2 Best Buys before finding mine today. The last Best Buy had the controllers on a display right as I walked in.
The people at Target told me they'd be getting theirs in tomorrow.

BornToKill2979d ago

i'll check my local best buy tomorrow if they don't have it i'll go to the Sony store.

dirtydbz2979d ago

I bought mine yesterday at best buy honestly I don't know how many units each store wanted I went to game stop a few weeks ago and was considering pre-ordering but found there was no need ( I wish there was ) but things seem to be looking up

moparful992979d ago

I bought mine from walmart at 3 in the morning of the 17th.. I walked in said I wanted a move and the lady whent to the back, a few minutes later came out and handed it to me.. YOu wont be dissapointed whenever you finally get yours..

dragon822979d ago

They are selling out almost everywhere around here. has the games on backorder right now too.

MsmackyM2979d ago

I had the bundle pre ordered at GS but decided to buy an extra controller, unfortunately they were sold out. After 3 more stops I found one, good luck if you didn't pre-order.

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The story is too old to be commented.