A look at Square Enix’s TGS 2010 booth

Check out some photos from Square Enix's Tokyo Game Show booth.

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Valay2953d ago

Gun Loco has a pretty big presence at Square Enix's booth... It actually might be the largest part of it if I'm remembering correctly. Not sure how well the game will turn out, though.

jazzking20012953d ago

i wish i could go to TGS but at elast i can go to NYCC

-Mezzo-2953d ago

Awesome man i wish i was there, i have been to Tokyo 3 times but never got the chance to visit TGS.

stragomccloud2953d ago

I really miss Japan! Trying to get back there this summer for fun before I get a job there.

PS3-2472953d ago

Those girls need meat on they bones.

dorkyfresh112953d ago

they look fine to me. i can admire me some thick chicks, but those Japanese girls aren't super skinny.

Myst2953d ago

Psh, they are perfectly fine after what I saw at my store. An anorexic woman to which her bones were showing and her legs looked like toothpicks. After seeing that everything else looks fine...

Though it was in some magazine or whatever so wasn't to big of a shock.

stragomccloud2953d ago

That's fine. My buddy's wife on the other hand.... Lets just she doesn't give the effort to be a healthy vegetarian.

Personally, that type is the kind I usually date.

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