Halo 3 IMAX Preview Event: August 21, 2007

For the first time ever, Halo 3 will be unveiled to the public, in dramatic big-screen fashion at the Seattle Pacific Science Center, on an IMAX screen.

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Crazyglues4078d ago

This should have been at every IMAX theater world wide... just film the event at the Seattle Pacific Science Center and show it all the IMAX theater's around the world.

I would have paid to see that, I know that's going to be so cool. Dam.. sucks that it was not in NYC, I would have so been there in a heartbeat to see some Halo 3

Lakuspakus4078d ago

hope someone gets a cam in there!!

Schmitty074078d ago

What else do you expect?

s8anicslayer4078d ago

micro's home town, sweet deel for those who attend/ i wish i could be there to see

MattFoley4078d ago

That would be the SHAT! Lucky BASTARDS!