PS3 can now play PSP ISO's (video)

Russian most famous console gamer”, GamerSuper, has shared with PS3Hax that he has managed to boot PSP ISO’s off the PS3, watch the video as he boots Chinatown War on his PS3. More information at link

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Vegeta90004057d ago

Then it really would do everything.

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gtamike4057d ago

That would be funny and I beat someone could do it.

Nomadta4057d ago

Hello fellow foreign gamers. This is one of russian gamers speaking. GamerSuper is not famous, he is very notorious person in russian web. This little f*g can do everything to get popularity. He doesn't know how to how to hack PS3 or something else also he like to fraud and lie to people to get his popularity. We, russian gamer community, ask you to avoid this guy because these news is a fake obviously. If you watch this video closely again you will see that controls are out of sync. All he can do is tell you lie and promises but he is just actually a nerd trying to get popular faking the news. After he became notorious in russian web and got banned everywhere exept few sites he decided to move to you guyz so WATCH OUT 95% this news are fake.

Nugundam00794057d ago


TVippy4057d ago

Why do you thumbs down him? It's true, the guy is a FRAUD. Don't believe a word GamerSuper is saying.

MagicAccent4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )


But seriously, of course it's fake.
If it were true, that would mean there's also a possibility of running ps2 games on there if one were to get the right firmware upgrade. Instead of buying a 50$ or so accessory that would take up 50% of all my usb spaces just to able me to play my favourite ps2 games.

And Sony wouldn't lie about a thing like that... Just to make us buy extra, expensive, hardware...
Would they?
Sony...? :(

/Silly mode; Off.

llMurcielagoll4057d ago

Indeed Vegeta9000, The ps3 has now PS move, PS eye, Plays games, DVD movies, Blu-ray movies, MP3 songs, video clips of many formats, plays PS2 and PS1 games (60GB version and 20GB versions only.. and if the rumor is right Sony will release backwards compatiblilty adapter later PS3s with out the feature) and even more

If they find a way to make 360 games run on PS3 then it will indeed simply only does EVERYTHING. Which I really think its possible somehow :P

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MGRogue20174057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

... Holy shi.. You guys see that!? :O

If there's somebody that Sony needs to get rid of FAST.. It's this guy. rofl

WildArmed4057d ago

I'm speechless!

I wanna play PSP games on ps3 -.-

Eamon4057d ago

lol, with this, you don't even need to get a PSP anymore to play PSP games.

KratosGirI4057d ago

That's actually pretty awesome O_O

Anton Chigurh4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Kudos to the hackers

B-Real2064057d ago

ooooo, I like this! I have an extra ps3 in the closet. Still gonna wait though.

MagicAccent4057d ago

Is that because you have.. Three... PS3's?

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