Dead Rising 2 - 1st 15 minutes of PS3 version

In case you’re wondering the gameplay is good on PS3 version

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MGRogue20173005d ago

It's nice to see that the PS3 version is running smoothly. :)

SilentNegotiator3005d ago

Screen-tearing is a bit noticeable, but the textures look great.

Pandemic3005d ago

Looks pretty cool, hopefully not too much screen tearing is visible.

kevnb3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

I mean its playable, but again its the version you only get if you have no other choice. Looks worse, framerate is lowish but steady (only a few minor stutters), load times are longer, and theres screen tearing.

kx113005d ago

The loading sucks , every-time you open the door to the outside

plb3005d ago

Was thinking the same thing. Horrible loading.

crck3005d ago

Just get it on PC if you can. Don't think the requirements will be very high to run this game. $20 cheaper and I'm almost positive the loading times will be better.

MisterNiwa3005d ago

Its the same with the 360 Version I am playing now. (Which I installed).

Kamikaze1353005d ago

I'm going to pass on this game. The first one was boring...

kx113005d ago

this one is more fun , you can combine weapons and kick major ass

WetN00dle693005d ago

And dont forget the co-op!


I don't know what to get, Dead Nation, DR2 or the new Yakuza Zombie game.

DarthMoose3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

condering dead nation is a psn title, its ony gonna cost you 14.99 more tops to get dead rising 2 and dead nation plus yakuza 4 aint gonna be releasing in north america anytime soon, so yeah, i guess i basically just decided for you, giggady

WetN00dle693005d ago

Get whatever is coming out the soonest!
ANd the Yakuza Zombie title wont be out till sometime in 2011.

despair3005d ago

more like 2012 if Yakuza 4 is coming next year they will not release 2 Yakuza games the same year, but its Sega we're talking about so anything can happen


I thought Yakuza was coming this year.

Then I will try DR2.

DarthMoose3005d ago

omg 2011 is flippn long wait, im dying to play it, like right now

BYE3005d ago

Looks ok but that's just way too much loading.

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The story is too old to be commented.