IGN: Halo 3 FAQ - General Info

Halo 3 is arguably the most highly-anticipated videogame in history. The franchise has sold more than 14 million units and is largely responsible for the success of the original Xbox. Halo 3 is the closing arc in the trilogy. And while there will be future games based in the Halo universe, developer Bungie has said this would be a definitive end for the narrative it began in 2001. "Finish the Fight" is the apt new motto. To help you prepare for the release of Halo 3, IGN is compiling a FAQ. It's a primer, if you will, to answer some of your basic questions.

Question: Why do people care so much about Halo? What's the big deal?

Answer: Prior to the release of Halo in 2001, even the best console first-person shooters were far below the standards of what was seen on PC. Halo was the first console FPS that could rival a PC title. The fact that it also had addictive multiplayer and co-operative play made it a staple in college dorms, which helped build its legion of fans.

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FormidableOne4077d ago

Nice article to gear everyone up for the coming weeks, leading up to the launch. Can't wait to see the upcoming featurettes they're having on IGN.

Marona4077d ago

I need to find out if any retailers near me will even do a midnight launch. >_>

Bnet3434077d ago

back in 2001 ... my god, that game was up there with half life if you played it when it launched. So damn amazing.

BloodySinner4076d ago

I'll just purchase the game like a normal person. There's no need to wait hours outside a retailer just to purchase a video game.