IGN Preview: TGS: The Only GalGun Article You'll Ever Need

IGN writes: "When I come to Japan, I consciously switch off my Western judge-o-meter when the plane lands. After all, it's a completely different culture, and things that are acceptable -- even mainstream -- here would be shocking in the West (and of course vice-versa ). So when I'm strolling by booths covered in images of ambiguously young girls with bouncy gigabreasts, panties peeking out from beneath their ultra-short schoolgirl skirts, I shrug it off. What would be mistaken for a porn convention mixed with a cartoon expo in the United States is a celebration of youth culture in Japan. I'm just visiting, after all. Might as well enjoy it while I'm here".

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dgroundwater2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

No I'm pretty sure I want like a 100 GalGun articles. Until everyone knows about it so they release it in NA.

Funny video! His expression is perfect.