IGN Preview: TGS: EA Wants You to Create

IGN writes: "EA's Play Label is designed to harbor family-friendly titles and is currently publishing Create, which if you look at the game's marketing appears to be an attempt at a LittleBigPlanet clone. However, when I played the game at Tokyo Game Show I found the experience to more of a mixture of a sticker book and the DS puzzle game Scribblenauts".

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plb3005d ago

Yar, I'll just create in LBP2 kthanks.

THC CELL3005d ago

yea man everything in this create i can do on LBP 1/2

RonXD3005d ago

Trying to cash in on MM'S success EA?

It won't happen. LBP is the king of the genre. You're a little too late to the party EA.

ps3alldayeveryday3005d ago

We don't need this game, Why? cuz in LBP2 we can make this game and others much better!