The 10th Hour: Top 10 Wii Games

411mania: Oh yay, we finally reach the end of the three-week special! I think it was probably easier to pick the titles out for this list than the other two. While the PS3 and 360 share most of their libraries, the Wii kinda stands on its own. It has its own versions of games that appear on the other consoles, due to the lack of power, and it has a lot of high caliber exclusives despite its history of catering to a more casual lineup. No, I'm not saying the Wii is the best console of the three, but I am saying it probably has the most interesting purely exclusive titles. I actually wrote a top-10 Wii game list back in 2008, so it'll be interesting to see how much my opinion has changed.

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Shoko2952d ago

Why did they put No More Heroes 1 instead of NMH2? Weird. Anyways, good list.

darkcharizard2952d ago

Should have been at #2. And even though TvC is a good game, its most certainly not better than Super Mario Galaxy!

The order aside, it's a good list!

PlayerX2952d ago

Decent list. Thought the author really seems to like Capcom.

lil boy blue2952d ago

Mh3 for my #1 I like it alot more the SMG2