Crytek: Crysis 2 in ‘a comfortable spot’ to draw in Halo, Call of Duty players

TVGB: "With shooters being released left and right all year long, how’s a newcomer to stand out and squeeze its way into the popular boys club? German FPS expert Crytek may have the answer."

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MGRogue20172956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh Yesssssssssssssss.. I love the smell of Competition. :P

... And we're the ones reaping all the benefits. >:D

BattleAxe2956d ago

We'll see if there's real competition. If EA uses the same laggy servers as Bad Company 2 and if the selection of maps is as poor as BC2, then it will not compete on anywhere near the level of HALO and CoD.

outrageous2956d ago

Well the rumor is the game looks like cheese on consoles...I'll believe the Crysis hype when they show the console version.

StanLee2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

It not only looks less than impressive but the multiplayer looks downright pedestraian.

ELite_Ghost2955d ago


u outrageously need to read arcticles before saying idiot comments b4 its too late

Theoneneo812955d ago

Even though this game looks like fun i kinda want this game to flop I get sick of alot of this stuff

r0gueZA2956d ago

I reckon this has the potential to blow anything out the water.

Great expected with TVGB

Dance2955d ago

not sure about gameplay but graphically crytek can make it happen

2late2956d ago

at least we know what audience they're going for ... not that the latest MP footage wasn't clear enough (MW with nanosuita).

SO much for making this feel like its own game (which crysis 1 / wars managed to do to a certain extent). But hey, why try your own thing and improve on it when you can see what's popular and replicate that?

Akagi2956d ago

Hopefully its gameplay is better than Crysis 1. That was merely a glorified tech demo.

Tachyon_Nova2956d ago

God I'm getting sick of people like you. Crysis was a great game, and it's faults come down to the fact that the game was only Cryteks second ever project. With more experience now, Crysis 2 should, and I'm confident will be, awesome.

RememberThe3572955d ago

Well your going on hope and he's going on history. I hope your right and Crysis 2 turns out great, but I don't think it will be able to hang with the big boys.

iamgoatman2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Crysis had some amazing gameplay, and the only people who seem to complain either A. Never played the game or B. Were so used to linear shooters holding their hands through levels, that when encountering a situation that involved a little bit of imagination they'd simply rush in guns blazing, shooting every AI in sight while getting shot at themselves, then moving onto the next camp and do the exact same thing. They'd then come to the conclusion that it was the gameplay that was boring, and not their play styles.

Crysis' problem was it's story, which wasn't particularly well written and was just plain silly, but hopefully with the 2nd they'll improved in that area, because the gameplay was fine the way it was, only needing tweaks here and there.


Who's the big boys? If you mean Halo and COD, then I very much doubt you'll see the same sort of numbers in the multiplayer, or Halo's variety, but in terms of single player where Crysis' focus is, then I doubt it will have a hard time hanging with either, if not surpassing them.

ndibu2956d ago

Oh yeah...there's no such CROWD...contrary to popular belief, 3 people is not a crowd

DarkTower8052956d ago

The don't want the MAG or Killzone crowd because they know these people only go for quality titles. Crysis 2 will have nothing on Killzone 3.

sashimi2956d ago

Gamers play troll N4G...therefore what you're saying is invalid as you yourself is a invalid..

punisher992955d ago

Gee I really wonder why you only have two bubbles, soon to have only one. Thats why I like this site, you can tell who the fanboys are by noticing their one or two bubbles.

DeathMetal2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

MAG was lame and killzone 2 was nothing special either, and he is right no one plays those games. Crysis could easily be better than blurzone 2.5. KZ gameplay is beyond generic.

HDgamer2955d ago

If no one plays mag or KZ2 then why is there DLC and another game coming out for this? Why is the online still going, why are people playing this as we speak? Why do I get good games every time I go online you wanna be gamer.

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BattleAxe2956d ago

@ FasterThanFTL,

So I guess you've played it? Lets not jump to conclusions before its released. Crysis Wars wasn't that great, so lets see what they do with Crysis 2 multiplayer.

ADMIRALcoltgahr2956d ago

lol they running their mouth again

kevnb2955d ago

They thought they only thing that stopped them from being call of duty level successful (biggest shooter franchise going) was not being on console... They cant accept they just arent on that level of mainstream success. I cant wait until they realize how foolish they are, the sales will prove it to them.

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