Great drawing of Young Link

"Cool drawing of Young Link by Sean Galloway on"

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Urmomlol2953d ago

If you didn't draw this, you shouldn't be posting it on your web site. Link directly tot he artists, otherwise you're just profiting from their work.

Bethany2953d ago

There is credit to the artist in the site with a link even.

Anthonynoonz2953d ago

Nice drawing of Link. Good job of capturing his struggle.

HiroyasuKarpovsky2953d ago

Sean Galloway should draw Mega Man in this style. I'm picturing Mega Man with his helmut off like in the intro of Mega Man 2. OMG that would be a sick drawing!

Figboy2952d ago

i've been following his work on deviantart for a long time now. he's really good. i just wish he did more original work instead of fan art. but that's sort of an issue with deviantart in general, actually.

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The story is too old to be commented.