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From "Sometimes it is best to leave well enough alone. I’ve never been a fan of the Halo series. As a matter of fact, up until two weeks ago, I had never even completed a full level of the game. Any game. Aside from rage quitting on the recent beta and attempting to play Halo 3 when it came out, Halo and I have lived our lives very happily without each other. I don’t know what is was about Halo: Reach that changed that. Apparently I don’t hate myself enough already and I needed to find a new way. Maybe it was the sudden realization that everyone on my friends list would be joining the rest of the free world in purchasing the game and the realization that my multi-player experience was about to feel very empty. Whatever it was, I decided to hop on the Halo: Reach bandwagon and I have to say… this is going to be a very short ride."

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LtSkittles2950d ago

I thought it was amazing, and better than Halo 3, but on the same level as Halo: CE, and thought it told the story perfectly.

DatNJDom812950d ago

but I think 6.5 is too low. Especially from a guy that never played the seires and was never a fan. I guess this would be the way a casual will see it. Yes the single player campaign is pretty corny. Basically the movie 300 with space marines (or gay space marines as the mafia 2 guys say). The multiplayer is where this game excels. For that I would give it a 7ish score if I was a reviewer. But Im not and really dont give a fuck. LOL

shysun2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

I hate the game and I wouldn't give it less than an 7.5.

Windex2950d ago

and 6.5 is bit low. still, there has been alot of 10s from xbox websites.

like Team xbox, Xbox universe, and etc. i looked at metacritic reviews and 7 sources out of 50 had xbox in their site name...

so i think this will offset lil bit what xbox fanboy sites did.

joydestroy2950d ago

i've never been a big fan of the Halo franchise and played like 20min of Halo 3 mp with a friend so that's no excuse. i'd give the game a solid 9 at the least. i think it's amazing. but maybe that's because i'm basically new to it all.

StanLee2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Halo Reach is an amazing game. The Halo franchis has been amazing. If you were never a fan of Halo, Halo Reach wont change your mind. I love Halo Reach and all it has to offer; from 4 player co-op campaign and campaign scoring, to Firefight with matchmaking, multiplayer and Forge. In terms of content, presentation, value for money, replay value, the game is a 10. There are few games that offer as much, with as much polish as Halo Reach does and that must hurt fanboys deeply.

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KillerBBs2950d ago

I put it away already. Seems like the same old S!!!t. I was hoping the lobby would be better this time. More game types and better sellections. Maybe throw in some Wart Hog racing games and Wart Hog death matches. There are so many cool things Bungie could do. But there Reaching again. Nope, they went the other way... you can't play what you want and everything comes down to a vote. It made me dust off MW2 and I am sick of that. Black Ops Help me!

despair2950d ago

when you see scores that are low like this you know its a bogus review, I mean for a 6.5 it has to be a below average to almost bad game and no matter how much you dislike Halo(like me) it still is at least a 7.5, anything lower shows bias.

Dance2950d ago

sites looking for hits thats all

AwesomeJizz2950d ago

LOL this review is plain bullshit..

Greywolfe19822950d ago

2 bit site looking for some free attention. Reminds me of Destructoid's ACII review.

nilamo2950d ago

Fail review is fail. I hate it when people start a review with I've never liked said game franchise and start to review the game with their biased preconceptions.

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